Cold Collective - Frederick the Younger - Ocean Potion - Eerie Wanda - Jacko Hooper

Cold Collective - Don't Forget To Leave.

MA's Cold Collective, the latest project from Tim Landers (ex. Transit, Misser, Off and On) has released a new single and video. Cold Collective started with Tim Landers, some guitars, a drum pad and a laptop. Tim, whose previous acts include Transit and Misser, wanted to return to his roots and the things that made him fall in love with music. After writing non-stop day and night, Tim recruited Paul Debenedictis (November 5, 1955), one of his favorite drummers growing up in the North Shore Massachusetts music scene, and they went into the studio with Jay Maas (Dropkick Murphys Title Fight, State Champs). They emerged with Cold Collective’s debut album, Bachelorette Party.

Bachelorette Party is fueled by dark times in Tim’s life where he says, “I spent a lot of time trying to understand human instinct, and myself.” Through the process of writing the album, Tim came out with a clean slate and new ambition. The result is an album comprised of 10 tracks that spit out pure emotion.

Tim has been writing ever since. After recently opening up about his struggles with addiction and mental health, he is back with "Don't Forget To Leave"- a self- produced, honest ballad.

"I've met so many amazing people on this journey, and it kills me to know other people struggled as I have. It's a song about putting the fear of opening up aside. It's about being comfortable with yourself" - “Bachelorette Party" was recorded with Jay Maas (The Dropkick Murphys, Title Fight, State Champs, The Menzingers).

Subtle synths, a pacey beat and some engaging vocals make 'Don't Forget To Leave' a hook laden track. The video adds some more charm to this vibrant indie type rocker.


Frederick the Younger - Everyone’s Changing.

Frederick The Younger's unreleased song "Everyone's Changing" has just been shared. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, some of Jenni Cochran’s earliest memories are of writing songs. Returning to the USA after working in Vietnam for a few years, she met Aaron Craker (guitar, keys, vocals) who was performing with his band Dr. Vitamin. 

The two immediately bonded over their shared love of Elliott Smith and The Beatles. They formed Frederick The Younger a few years later, releasing their first full length record “Human Child” in 2017.

The band is their bond, formed on groovy garage pop, soulful vocals, a hint of Broadcast and 60s pop with a modern twist. 

There is an earnestness to their newest songs on a forthcoming EP, due out early 2019, that rings true - the kind of sincerity born from experience. These songs feel alive and well-lived, tragic, nostalgic, beautiful, and contemplative, all with a solid hook.

Feature number five for Frederick the Younger so clearly they are creating something that strikes home for Beehive Candy. 'Everyone's Changing' has a natural live feel to it (helped by the music video no doubt) and thankfully it hasn't stayed unreleased for to long.


Ocean Potion - Lights Out.

Ocean Potion are super pleased to tell you that our self-titled, debut album will officially be out today Dave Azzolini (Forces) and Jay McCarol (Brave Shores) will round out our live band as we plan to tour Ocean Potion throughout 2019.

“Lights Out,” the second single to be shared from our debut LP, started from a riff in A6 to Amaj that alternated back and forth in a hypnotic way. Most of the melodies came from improvising over these chords.

The lyrics are partly inspired by an old radio drama of the same name, Lights Out. The show always started with the same, ominous phrase: Lights out everyone. It is later than you think. After laying down the basic framework, we took it on a journey and gave it that dreamy sound with a thick groove.

Ocean Potion is the result of a burgeoning friendship, so it’s no coincidence that it’s a persistent theme throughout the album – a reflection of the good vibes that were happening while creating it.'

Well Ocean Potion are clearly pleased with 'Lights Out' and for good reason as this is a beautiful song! On the strength of this I really hope today's album release is gonna get some well deserved attention, and some!


Eerie Wanda - Moon.

Eerie Wanda is the brainchild of audio and visual artist Marina Tadic. Born to Croatian parents in the former Yugoslavia, Marina became a political refugee when she was just 6 years old. Forced to leave their home due to the Bosnian war, Marina’s parents sought asylum in the Netherlands- which is where Marina grew into an adult, became an accomplished artist, and where she still resides.

Her second LP, Pet Town is an exercise in isolated creativity. Using minimal recording techniques, Tadic shapes these ten songs from sheer intuition, while drawing inspiration from solitude. Although her two bandmates Jasper Verhulst and Jeroen de Heuvel are each relatively close geographically (residing in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Nijmegen), the band decided to record each of their parts alone, in their own homes. And weave the songs together remotely, like pen-pals making a quilt. “I’ve written the songs in a period of my life in which I was feeling quite alone. I wanted the recording process to feel like that too”, says Marina.

Anchored by Tadic’s wistful lyrics and self possessed vocal delivery, these songs take on a stripped down, spectral quality. Mixed by producer Jasper Geluk, the album is perched in warm, homespun sounds—live drums are replaced with handclaps, finger snaps, and a Roland-CR 78 drum machine, enhancing the music’s tactile and intimate headspace.

Tadic is still left guessing how Pet Town came to be, exactly. “I wrote the songs over a period of time spent inside my shell, and I needed that time. Not escaping it brought me a lot of growth.” Like some mysterious shamanic voice from the future, Eerie Wanda hushes turbulent peaks and valleys into a comforting, deft equilibrium. “I love to think I’m connected with some other dimension which sends me the songs and I can catch them if I’m in the right zone.” Release date: Friday, January 25th 2019.

A tasteful teaser for January's album release comes in the form of 'Moon'. Soft and gentle and brimming with melodic hooks, this bodes well for what's to come next.


Jacko Hooper - Trust In Me Always.

Jacko Hooper’s new video is for his excellently poignant ‘Trust In Me Always’ from new EP ‘Together We’re Lost’. Together We’re Lost is the third EP release from Brighton singer-songwriter Jacko Hooper. Following a year of writing and taking a step back from performing live, Jacko returns with an EP written and recorded from his bedroom with the help from life long friend and Producer, Josh Trinnaman (Whose mixing credits include Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, RY X and his own Brighton-based IDM/Jazz/Electronic outfit Luo).

With a limited edition run of CDRs available via Jacko’s boutique record label and promotions company Folklore Sessions, there is, as always with Hooper’s releases be an opportunity to not just stream the record digitally but get something much more personal which his devoted army of followers will enjoy once again.

Recorded off the back of Folklore Vol.1, a 4-track EP released with fellow musicians and friends Bess Atwell, George Ogilvie & Oktoba, Together We’re Lost tells a story of personifying emotions and situations that Jacko has found himself in, especially over the last year. A constant inner dialogue between his fears, anxieties and ‘logical thinking’ soon turned into words and melody that found themselves needing to be expressed, sticking with what Hooper is most well known for - true emotion and honesty.

Back in November we shared 'The Long Road' which led us to comment "Jacko Hooper can really sing, in this case with notable sensitivity and feeling." The new song and video 'Trust In Me Always' is another majestic and beautiful piece, yep this guy can sing and create fabulous music.