Madelline - Magnetic Skies - Gaffa Tape Sandy - Andrew Rinehart - Beat Circus - JW Ridley - Lucky 757

Madelline gives us her background to 'Ghost' just below, I would add it's a dreamy indie pop song and her vocals are beautifully soulful. We featured Magnetic Skies for the first time in January and they have followed up with 'I Am Your Friend' a smooth lush synth rock piece. With dual vocals and a feisty rock vibe Gaffa Tape Sandy have been getting plenty of attention and 'Headlight' is a good example of why. Andrew Rinehart's 'They Say' is accompanied by a very personal video, a wonderful companion for the nine minutes of absolutely gorgeous music. 'These Wicked Things' is the title track and one of fifteen songs on Beat Circus's new album, an epic collection of tracks as typified by the featured piece, a small glimpse of the whole. JW Riley has released the very impressive 'Homesick' where genres blend together, to create a mixture of rock sensibilities with a clear individual identity. Lucky 757 share some delicious rockabilly music with all the swagger and class associated with this timeless and natural rock and roll music.

Madelline - Ghost.

“Ghost” is an anthem for embracing solitude.

The song was initially formed as I felt overwhelmed by loneliness. It’s about emptiness – being surrounded by people but not feeling understood, listened to, or seen. It’s about social anxiety. It’s about feeling unwanted.

Stefano Pando produced the track, and we arranged it as we went. I went into the studio with a rough melody to freestyle over. I think freestyling is awesome because it lets a lot of things come up from your subconscious.

If you feel anxious or lonesome, I hope that “Ghost” comforts you. It’s okay to be a lone wolf, but remember you are never alone with your feelings. Life is about making peace with your journey - Madelline.

Madelline is a singer and songwriter from Connecticut currently living in Montreal.


Magnetic Skies - I Am Your Friend.

Synth-rock band Magnetic Skies’ debut EP, “Dreams And Memories”, was released yesterday via ReprinT Records.

Magnetic Skies formed in early 2018 when singer-songwriter Simon Kent and vocalist/programmer Jo Womar were commissioned to collaborate for a one-off arts/charity live show. During rehearsals the pair discovered that they had a common love for electronic music and mapped out dates to experiment with writing songs for a potential band project. Simon’s latest solo album had received airplay on national radio, and live shows included touring with established artists like Echo & The Bunnymen, Emma Stevens and The Christians - but things went so well that he decided to take a hiatus to concentrate on the new project.

Simon says, “the Magnetic Skies songs took on a life and direction of their own, everything just flowed. Although I had a great band and backing at radio, sometimes you just have to follow your instinct and your heart. And this is where my heart wants me to go.”

Songwriting over the summer resulted in a selection of songs ranging from melody-driven electronic pop to atmospheric ambient songs which form the basis of 3 EPs the band will release in 2019, with a full-length album to follow. Jo says, “writing the songs has been a really exciting adventure! I have a really cool collection of analogue and digital synthesizers, which are the foundation for the tracks. Simon can play a bit of everything, so he was able to contribute keys, guitars and bass to finish everything off.”.


Gaffa Tape Sandy - Headlights.

Raucous garage rockers Gaffa Tape Sandy announce their signing to acclaimed indie label Alcopop! Records and share pulsating latest single Headlights, the first track taken from the band’s forthcoming EP dropping this summer.

Marking the start of a whole new chapter for the Bury St. Edmunds outfit, Headlights showcases the trio’s brand of high-octane rock ‘n’ roll in remarkable style, spearheaded by the playful dual vocals of Kim Jarvis and Catherine Lindley-Neilson and ably supported by a relentless rhythm section and crescendo of epic punk riffage.

“We wrote Headlights as an open embrace to anyone who finds it hard to talk about their mental health, and to serve as a reminder to check up on your loved ones in this busy stupid world”, the band stated. “We wanted the back-and-forth vocal play to feel and sound like a conversation, a playful way of communicating a message that we believe in. It’s important to be lovely to one another, and the people who have been lovely to us are the people who inspired this song”.

Heralded as one of NME’s 100 Essential Acts for 2018, the rising trio have developed an impressive live reputation supporting the likes of Indoor Pets, IDLES and Peace, whilst much-lauded displays at Glastonbury and Latitude (BBC Introducing) have lead to a slew of festival appearances (including The Great Escape and Truck) being lined up over the coming months.


Andrew Rinehart - They Say.

Andrew Rinehart and his former romantic partner Rachel Len Cary had a wildly tumultuous 2-year relationship.  After a lengthy separation, and an agreement to stay on their separate paths, the two eventually decided to collaborative on a music video for one of Rinehart’s songs (’They Say’), interspersing actual archival home video / cell phone footage from the early days of their relationship with present day / post-breakup footage shot by their friend Danielle Bartley. The intention behind making the video together was to find some sort of closure.

Video made by Andrew Rinehart, Rachel Len Cary and Danielle Bartley. Cover artwork made by Greg Sheppard.

Rinehart is a Louisville, KY native who has, for the last 5 years or so, paid his dues bouncing around the usual bigger-city zones.  He was one of the original 10 founders of the influential Body Actualized Center in Brooklyn, and more recently threw shows at Basic Flowers, a DIY space in downtown LA which Ariel Pink co-funded.  Now on the verge of exiting the purgatory of grad school, Rinehart is currently in the process of releasing a series of singles (“Off On A Roll…” being the first), all of which explore the inscrutable ups and downs inherent to that age-old pleasure/torture device: love.


Beat Circus - These Wicked Things.

These Wicked Things is the fourth release from the determinedly eclectic Boston-based band Beat Circus and the final installment in singer/multi-instrumentalist/composer Brian Carpenter’s “Weird American Gothic” trilogy. The record bridges a number of disparate genres including experimental music, cowpunk, post-punk, Mexican folk music, mariachi music, and Italian giallo soundtracks. The cover and booklet include a 18-page graphic novelette by renowned Croatian artist Danijel Zezelj, best known for his live paintings, multimedia, and collaborations with DC Comics/Vertigo.

Brian Carpenter formed Beat Circus in 2002 shortly after his arrival in Boston and since then, he's been the ensemble's guiding light and sole constant member. He has recorded or performed with Swans, Kronos Quartet, Colin Stetson, Marc Ribot, and Roswell Rudd, and collaborated with producers Martin Bisi (Dreamland, 2008), Sean Slade and Bryce Goggin (Boy From Black Mountain, 2009). Returning on These Wicked Things are drummer Gavin McCarthy (Karate, Thalia Zedek Band), bassist Paul Dilley (Reverend Glasseye), and guitarist Andrew Stern (Brian Carpenter & The Confessions). Relative newcomers include violinist Abigale Reisman (Tredici Bacci), violist Emily Bookwalter (Ghost Train Orchestra), and multi-instrumentalist Alec Spiegelman (Cuddle Magic), all three of whom worked with Carpenter on The Barbary Coast in San Francisco.

These Wicked Things began in Berkeley, California when Carpenter was commissioned by the Berkeley Repertory Theater to compose music and lyrics for Dominic Orlando’s play The Barbary Coast in 2014. Based on the true crime book by Herbert Asbury (Gangs of New York), The Barbary Coast detailed the violent rise of San Francisco in the late 1800s. The play centers around Joaquin Murieta, the real-life inspiration for Zorro, a Mexican who went on a notorious revenge spree after his wife Rosita was killed by gold miners. Two versions of “Rosita” and some incidental music from the play are included.

After recording These Wicked Things with Beat Circus at the legendary Q Division Studios in Boston, Carpenter flew out to Tucson, Arizona to mix the record with esteemed producer Craig Schumacher (Calexico, Neko Case, Giant Sand.) Carpenter worked with Schumacher previously on his singer/songwriter outing The Far End of the World (2015, Accurate.) Special guests on These Wicked Things include trumpeter Jacob Valenzuela of Calexico, bass saxophonist Dana Colley of Morphine, and guitarist Stephen Ulrich of the NYC guitar noir trio Big Lazy.


JW Ridley - Homesick (Out The Blue).

Whilst co-habiting as a property guardian in South London, JW Ridley had to use what little space and time was available work on his music; as he explains “the building had these strange little rooms so I would go and record demos in them whilst no one was there”. New single Homesick (Out the Blue), the follow up to recent acclaimed single Glass Eyes, was written in such snatched moments.

An Arthur Russell and Radiohead by way of krautrock inspired post-punk shuffle, it’s a track with an emotional density that builds throughout, and another example of the expressive, cathartic song-writing that’s seen him labelled as one of London’s most exciting artists.

Matching the sense of geographical dislocation there’s an element of psychological contrast behind the song’s meaning too, “it’s about the things we hold on to or the things that never really leave us”.

JW (AKA Jack) has slowly built up a canon of emotive and immersive songs. These have caught the attention of Huw Stephens, Zane Lowe, Lauren Laverne and Steve Lamacq on the airwaves, as well as tastemaker tomes Stereogum, DIY, Wonderland and more.


Lucky 757 - Memphis Sun Feat. Matt's Blues.

Portsmouth, VA-based, modern retro quartet Lucky 757 would make the founding pioneers of early rockabilly proud, aggressively pushing the genre forward with a combination of chops, passion and innovation.

The band formed in 2014 around core songwriting team of father/son duo Danny (rhythm guitar and backup vocals) and Cory (lead vocals and lead guitar). Wielding their twin Gretsch guitars, Danny and Cory deliver the classic hollow body sound, drenched in Copycat tape echo, and aided by the vintage rockabilly rhythm section of Sam Haga (bass) Angel Lopez (drums). Together, they’ve canvased Virginia and traveled down the coast, playing alongside The Screaming Rebel Angels and opening for Reverend Horton Heat, tearing up big stages such as the Gretsch stage at Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion (NV), and the Rats Nest Run Inn (NY), and the Americana Music Fest (Virginia Beach).

They released their debut self-titled album in 2015 and quickly followed up with a second LP, tracked in a feverish all night session at Sun Studios in Memphis. Both releases were praised by the rockabilly community and found airplay on international FM stations. Their 2018 release, the Surf Rock instrumental album Lonesome Lagoon, found acclaim among the blogosphere, eliciting hipster hang tens for its deep cultural excavation of banana palms, gogo boots and Ennio Morricone scores.

Feeling their attention sway back to the well-calibrated rockabilly that first got their pistons pumping, the band endeavored to capture the newest embodiment of their evolving sound by heading back to the legendary ‘room’ at Sun Studios. They tracked three new songs, holistically, in raw and raucous live takes, laced with banging piano lines, courtesy of Matt Jordan, the key player for Rev. Horton Heat. The resulting album, Memphis Sun, is a delectable slice of rhythm and ooze. A twangy ode to the long-lost vibes of early rock and roll, distilled into a glowing little EP that begs to be savored, like the sunset over the Mississippi River.