Team Me - Masasolo - Famous - Skye Wallace

Indie band Team Me share a rousing electronic piece where synths, smooth vocals and a catchy melody come together in style. From Denmark we have Masasolo and 'You Got That Something' a song drenched in fuzzy guitars and a psych vibe. 'Jacks House' from Famous is wonderful, disturbing and just plain out there, that said it is massively addictive. Skye Wallace serves up a potent rocker with 'Suffering For You' her vocals adding depth and emotion.

Team Me - The Future In Your Eyes

Only a brief moment after their comeback single, Team Me reveal their second single of 2019 ‘The Future In Your Eyes’, out now via Propeller Recordings. 

‘The Future In Your Eyes’ is an electronic bop ironically tinged with nostaglia, apt for reminiscing in the sunlit spring evenings. Leading man, Marius Drogås Hagen of Team Me reveals the tale of romance behind the track; "set in a distant post-apocalyptic future, ‘The Future In Your Eyes’ tells the story of two cyborgs. They‘re fighting to hold on to their love, a love they can never have.”

The romantic longing can be heard woven into the melodies and soft synths, combined with the delicate yet constant hissing of the drum’s cymbals make a sensitive and particular addition to the track - while still maintaining Team Me’s reputation of producing cinematic indie bangers.  

When speaking of the band’s new chapter, Marius tells “as for the music, I really want to be more focussed on documenting this time, rather than releasing an album and touring for three years on a campaign. I want the project to just be a way to let things out of my system.”


Masasolo - You got that something.

Danish band Masasolo have been one of Copenhagens secret gems for a while now. Their last album “At Sixes and Sevens” was voted amongst the 20 best Danish albums in 2017 by Danish magazine Soundvenue. They have been heavy rotation and Danish alternative radio P6 beat, been featured on hype machines top 50, blogs like HillyDilly and Indie Shuffle and even KCRW had their song “Really Thought She Loved Me” in rotation.

Danish vocalist, guitar player and producer Morten Søgaard is the man behind Masasolo. He uses the band as an outlet for musical experimentation and as a personal diary of the joys and pains of being a dreamer entering adulthood. Masasolo has its distinct guitar-driven psych sound and many have compared them to Flaming Lips, Tame Impala or UMO. After touring Europe with their last album Masasolo is now ready to release new music.

"You Got That Something" is a mellow and groovy lovesong about falling in love with a girl on Instagram. It’s both heavily distorted with biting fuzz guitars but at the same time a straight and forward pop song - like a weird lovechild of Flaming Lips and Frank Ocean.

The song is recorded and produced by Masasolo and mixed by Masasolo and Masa Brian Batz from Sleep Party people. It’s released on Masasolo’s own label Mother Russia.


Famous - Jack's House.

London tainted-pop six-piece Famous reveal skittish, paranoid new single Jack’s House. Wiry guitars and bass stabs lock in with a rushed drum beat, and flurries of panicked synths complete the bed on which vocalist Jack Merrett delivers manic observations. They’re not a band that waits around to be inspired. For the past few years they’ve been exploring both their own and others’ artistic presentation through carefully self-curated art parties in vast warehouses across London.

Through this the band are the central point of a multi-talented performance-arts community. They’re the group behind the Guardian 4* rated experimental theatre piece, Ubu, performed at the end of the summer at the V&A museum, also garnering acclaim from i-D.

Cult experimental pop singer/producer Jerskin Fendrix, who scored the play, plays synths for the band, and has returned recently from touring and collaborating with Black Midi. Sharing stages with PC Music’s GFOTY, Sports Team, Horsey, Cosmo Pyke and HMLTD, who headlined one of the band’s aforementioned nights, Famous are at the cutting edge of London’s vibrant music scene.

They're an electrifying live prospect - largely due to the dramatic, romantic ambitions of frontman Jack Merrett, whose twisted performances are inspired by Springsteen, or Vegas era Elvis on an off day. He is also the thematic leader of the sextet – his oblique lyrics spinning kitchen sink stories glazed by dream-state eeriness.


Skye Wallace - Suffering For You.

Skye Wallace is what happens when a trained singer with east coast roots discovers punk rock in their youth and writes music that makes you feel excited.

Hailed as a “national treasure” (Sad Mag), Skye embodies Canadiana – with family ties to the east coast, and her youth spent out west, she now calls Toronto home. But it’s not just geography that informs her sound – her lyrics are often based on Canadian history, inspired by struggles and stories of the past.

This doesn’t result in nostalgic sounding music – her songs may have roots in folk, but they branch out into so much more, sometimes moving, sometimes exciting, sometimes straight up rowdy. Her voice travels from sultry purrs to eager yelps, somber lows to raucous highs. Backed by her dynamic band, Skye’s live show is a force to be reckoned with.

About The Track: “‘Suffering For You’ was written during my time as the Dawson City Music Festival’s songwriter in residence in the Yukon. I was there for the month of January in a big (potentially haunted) heritage house by myself, with very few hours of daylight, and a wealth of history and inspiration to prompt me to write. The song was inspired by the story of a group of people who were separated from their expedition, trapped on an ice floe in the arctic for months.”