Liam Duncan - Janice Prix - Those Who Ride With Giants

Liam Duncan has released his new album 'If I Don't Feel Better' from which we have chosen 'Broken Hearted' to share. The theme for the album is based around a relationship ending, in this case Liam's personal experience, and what is impressive is the maturity regarding this, it's not a "poor me" outpouring of angst, rather an honest appraisal of a sensitive subject.

'Glitch' from Janice Prix might be based on a heavy and hardly uplifting subject, yet is a superb alt rocker, one that takes a challenging story line and turns it into something of an anthem, perhaps this is another definition for the term - juxtaposition. 

Those Who Ride With Giants (aka MJ Callaghan) has just released 'The Walk of Thunder' an atmospheric alt rock instrumental that genuinely sounds like a full band performing, so much so that a genuine live ensemble is being assembled to take this music on tour.

Liam Duncan - Broken Hearted.

My name is Liam. I’m 22. I’m a songwriter, sideman, and mix/audio engineer. First and foremost: I’m releasing an album I worked on with my friends and with Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, Mother Mother, New Pornographers, etc.).

I am very proud of this album and I hope you love it. In 2019, I’ll be touring this project heavily and making some more music. This album came out of a breakup. It’s an honest look at breaking up with someone, and how awful that can feel.

Song by song, I write about doubting a relationship that you’ve never doubted before, forcing yourself to deal with those doubts and learning to be honest with yourself and your partner.

For many years, I toured with a band called The Middle Coast. We started touring when I was 17, and toured 100-200 days a year until I was 22. With my two best friends, I toured Canada coast to coast, toured the U.S. a bit, and toured Japan. It was awesome.

I do a lot of work as a keyboard player – touring and playing with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Begonia, Roger Roger, Jadea Kelly, Sweet Alibi, Don Amero, Sol James, Roman Clarke, Madelaine Roger, Lucas Roger, and others.

I do a fair bit of work engineering and mixing other people’s music. I’ve engineered, produced, or mixed for: The Middle Coast, Super Duty Tough Work, Don Amero, Sebastian Owl, Ali Atwell, Housepanther, Wrecker, Roman Clarke, Dylan MacDonald, and done tons of editing for a bunch of people. It’s fun. Mostly.


Janice Prix - Glitch.

Janice Prix formed in the small industrial town of Trollhättan, Sweden. Despite their passion early on, the local music scene didn’t exactly embrace their creative difference with open arms: one day, the band arrived at the studio to find fake obituaries of each member’s name nailed to the front door. But from performing at Berlin Music Week and being active in the Swedish Club scene, Janice Prix have successfully established a place for their unique indie-pop within a town traditionally dominated by metal and punk.

With dark choruses and pop sensibility, previous politically charged single ‘Waking’ is far from what their native town is used to hearing. The anthemic chorus and emotive lyrics make the political statement of the track even more profound. Inspired by the tumultuous narrative of refugees fleeing their war-torn homes, ‘Waking’ is a powerful testament to compassion and political awareness.

Janice Prix expand their sound further on new track ‘Glitch’ – an impassioned elegy for victims of violence from the perspective of a brutal murderer. A haunting piano opens before a reverb-drenched electronic beat kicks in. This ominous start is soon accentuated by an unnerving vocal and distorted guitar samples that drift in and out. With a Wembley-worthy chorus, ‘Glitch’ reaches stratospheric musical heights with lyrical content to match.

Elaborating on their new release, they said "It’s a song inspired by the tragic events taking place in our hometown of Trollhättan in 2015, where a man wearing a Darth Vader-esque mask killed students and teachers with a sword in racist attack. The lyrics revolve around the thought process within the mind of an assailant right after an attack. We wanted the melodies and gloomy soundscape to emphasize the concept of eternity and life sentence."


Those Who Ride With Giants - The Walk of Thunder.

Those Who Ride With Giants brand new single is entitled ’The Walk of Thunder’.

The “band” is really just one man – Sydney, Australia’s illustrator/animator/instrumental art rocker MJ Callaghan.

The multi-layered instrumentation and spacious atmospherics make these performances feel like a full band playing off each other in the same room at the same time.

As a result of the phenomenal support that the two previous releases generated, from tastemakers as influential as Spotify and Apple Music, and increasing popularity on a global scale, a live band has now formed and Those Who Ride With Giants are in the process of booking their first run of dates in support of the upcoming release.