Ana Egge - Bronston - The Dead South - Box Of Moxie

Ana Egge has just released the video for 'Cocaine Cowboys', it's her second feature on Beehive Candy the last being in April 2018 when we remarked on her "melodic and gorgeous vocals". Well that remains the same and the inclusion of Iris DeMent on harmonies this time, really is something special!

Scottish alt-rock four piece Bronston have released 'Burnt Snakes' a potent bluesy rocker with perfectly matched vocals and a tight and feisty band adding plenty more.

The Dead South are already well know to many and rather popular to say the least, however 'Diamond Ring' is just such a fabulous song from the Canadian Bluegrass band, it just has to be included.

In February we first featured Box of Moxie with the track 'Submission Admission' and he is more than welcome back with the new song 'Bounty From The Seas' as the genre wanderer continues to release more fabulous material.

Ana Egge - Cocaine Cowboys.

On September 6, 2019, Ana Egge will release her new album Is It The Kiss via StorySound Records. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter shared the music video for the lead single "Cocaine Cowboys," which features Iris DeMent on harmonies and Buck Meek (Big Thief) on electric guitar.

"Produced by Nancy Howell and Mark Lerner, the music video for 'Cocaine Cowboys' is fittingly cute. Featuring a winsome collection of props and highlighting a cast of famed artists like Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Charley Pride, and Hank Williams, it does well in accentuating the kind of affable romance that Egge is aiming for," states PopMatters. "Its gentle melodies, subtly awash with traditional country callbacks, make for an earwigging roots number."

"This one started out as a song in tribute to life on the road and the camaraderie and friendship of band mates and it quickly crossed into territory of honky tonk life on the road," says Egge about the track. "The impossibility of a hick from the country raised on a farm writing a song and becoming a wealthy star by singing his heart out and touring around the country in an old sedan. That’s one side of romance I’ve always been interested in. Music, the open road, adventure and friendship deep as the songs we dive into as a band and come out of together on the other end."

Is It the Kiss, Ana Egge’s eleventh album, has nine originals and one cover (Diana Jones), and features her singularly soulful singing and songwriting, which according to Steve Earle sounds “like she’s telling us her deepest, darkest secrets.”

The country side of things is well-represented on the album by pedal steel (Matt Davidson of Twain) and fiddle (Alex Hargreaves) and by the songs “Cocaine Cowboys” and her affecting duet with Iris DeMent on a cover of Diana Jones’ “Ballad of the Poor Child.” But this is something of a soul record. The tracks are grounded by the Brooklyn indie-all-star rhythm section of Jacob Silver and Robin MacMillan, the slow grooves are sweetened by horns like molasses (Cole Kamen-Green and Adam Dotson), and at the center of it all is Ana’s guitar, that sounds like it knows something about how Steve Cropper and Curtis Mayfield could delicately, but determinedly, provide a sweetly-beating funky heart. Plus there are alt-guitar flashes by Buck Meek (Big Thief) as well as wind and brass arrangements from multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer Alec Spiegelman (Cuddle Magic).


Bronston - Burnt Snakes.

Bronston are proud to bring you their new single, 'Burnt Snakes', produced by Idlewild's Rod Jones.

Bronston are a Scottish alt-rock 4 piece, the members of which have deep musical roots within the Scottish music scene. From production and writing with Scottish up-and-comer Mt. Doubt to featuring on BBC Radio6 Music favourite Tom Joshua's latest single, the influence of Bronston's members can be heard heavily throughout music in the UK.

This latest single comes following the release of their last single 'Leaving Utopia' and presents another verse in a new chapter for Bronston as a band, in terms of both songwriting style and production.

Recording at Edinburgh's Post Electric Studio with Rod Jones, guitarist of Scottish indie-rock group Idlewild, Bronston have captured an aesthetic that conveys the raw energy of 4 talented musicians hammering it out together live, without compromising on an immense studio sound.

The narrative of Burnt Snakes offers two contrasting perspectives on the bizarre state of modern populist politics.The first part of the song is told from the perspective of a bemused citizen, someone who can hardly wrap their head around the utter nonsense that flows from the mouths of this new brand of politician.They listen to others as they attempt to somehow re-interpret or explain away the most jarring of these Politician's utterances, yet they cannot reconcile themselves to this twisted way of thinking. As the syncopated march of the rhythm section grooves through the first section of the song, the citizen feels increasingly out of step with this new cultural and political movement. Just before the perspective switches in the second section, the citizen finally gets to grips with the arrogance of these newly anointed thought-leaders.


The Dead South - Diamond Ring.

Following on from their heavily praised 2016 sophomore album ‘Illusion & Doubt’, and their breakthrough hit ‘In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company’, which has so far smashed through the 100million views barrier on Youtube, Canadian bluegrass heroes The Dead South now return to showcase their highly anticipated third album ‘Sugar & Joy’ with their latest single ‘Diamond Ring’.

With their traditional arrangement of cello, mandolin, guitar and banjo, the four-piece look to continue their upbeat bluegrass heritage on this bright and vibrant return. With its distinct country influences, mixed with classic blues and soul throughout, ‘Diamond Ring’ is one of the band’s more uplifting and engaging cuts from their forthcoming release. Telling the story of William, a would-be groom robbed of his engagement offering; this new track channels the group’s compelling storytelling through the guise of foot-stomping chords and hip-shaking rhythm.

Produced by FAME-studio trained producer Jimmy Nutt, a long-time member of the Muscle Shoals music scene whose recent credits include a Grammy for his work on The Steeldrivers, ‘Sugar & Joy’ has been described as the band’s tightest, weirdest and most exciting studio album to date. Speaking about working alongside the band, Nutt added, “They have an obvious dedication to what they are doing. They really encourage each other, which you don’t see a lot.”

While the group have been making waves in North America these last few years, the UK has quickly adopted their uniquely uplifting direction as they are soon to become the first bluegrass band to ever headline Brixton Academy, and will also be stopping over at Glastonbury Festival later this month.

‘Diamond Ring’ is available to stream and download now, and their third LP ‘Sugar & Joy’ will arrive on the 11th October via Six Shooter Records. The band will also be taking to the road through the UK and Ireland later this month, as well as early next year in support of the new record. Check out the full list of UK and Ireland tour dates below.


Box Of Moxie - Bounty From The Seas.

A combination of alt-rock, Americana, folksy rock, and avant-garde, Box of Moxie is a manifestation of material that Stephen Jacques gathered throughout his multifaceted professional life as engineer, custom builder, TV host, and actor.

Strumming his acoustic guitar along the way, Jacques' real life experiences reveal their truths in a delicate, dreamy, oftentimes humorous fashion.