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We were introduced to Deux Furieuses just a month ago, and they are back with 'Civilians', the second song share from their forthcoming album 'My War Is Your War'. It's a striking rocker with plenty of punk determination and a potent riff that is impossible to ignore.

North Mississippi Allstars have shared a video for 'Up And Rolling' the title track from their scheduled October album release, and it's a gorgeous mixture of soulful blues and natural roots rock, it's also an almighty teaser for the album!

Rev Rev Rev new single 'One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another' is accompanied by an intriguing video, as the bands mix of psych and shoegaze is given a clever visual interpretation, that said, the song remains solid and stands on it's own feet.

Deux Furieuses - Civilians.

Civilians is the second instant gratification track - following the John Kennedy Radio X premiered Year of Rage (July 2019) - to be taken from deux furieuses forthcoming second album ‘My War is Your War’ (out 18 October 2019 on Xtra Miles Recordings).

Civilians is inspired, as the band explain, by a "robot politician on TV denying what was clearly true", the brutalised riff tackling the demise of empathy for our shared humanity in a post-truth world.

Musically and lyrically, Civilians’ is indicative of the long-player ‘My War is Your War’. The forthcoming album expands on the punk duo’s debut album ‘Tracks of Wire’ by taking the predecessor’s post-punk and Riot Grrrl influences and injecting it with a darker, angrier rock sound.  It is an impassioned sonic energy that represents the alarming rise of social injustices and right-wing power since the debut’s release.

deux furieuses are Scottish vocalist and guitarist Ros Cairney and London Greek drummer Vas Antoniadou. Since their beginnings in 2013 they have earned a reputation for uncompromising politically charged rock which has seen them championed by the likes of Q Magazine, Classic Rock, Louder Than War, and Radio X DJ John Kennedy, whose enthusiasm caught the attention of Frank Turner leading to the duo supporting him at the Roundhouse, London for Lost Evenings Festival 2017.

Raised on a fiery blend of Irish and Greek music, 80’s post-punk and 90’s alt rock, and bonding over a love of early PJ Harvey and Kate Bush, their music, as evident on the new single Civilians, is a visceral and impassioned call to arms against the world’s inequalities and rising storms.

Civilians is produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) and mixed by Mark Freegard (The Breeders), it is released as an instant grat for anyone who pre-orders and pre-saves the digital album from 6 August.  The album ‘My War is Your War’ follows on 18 October (CD, vinyl and digitally), both released via Xtra Mile Recordings.


North Mississippi Allstars - Up And Rolling.

North Mississippi Allstars are set to return with 'Up and Rolling' on 4th October via New West Records. The 12-song set was produced by Luther and Cody Dickinson and recorded at The Zebra Ranch, their family studio established by their father, the legendary Jim Dickinson in Independence, MS. The album also features guest appearances from Mavis Staples, Jason Isbell, Cedric Burnside, Duane Betts, and Sharde Thomas. 'Up and Rolling' finds North Mississippi Allstars getting back to their roots and recapturing the communal spirit upon which the band was founded.

In 1996, a photographer from Texas, Wyatt McSpadden, travelled to North Mississippi looking to photograph local musicians. Brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson had grown up just south of Memphis and cut their teeth playing experimental rock & roll together, as well as the roots repertoire pioneered by their father, Jim Dickinson, a legendary producer (Big Star, The Replacements) and session player (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan). Their feet were firmly planted in the North Mississippi mud and music scene, and they were excited to show Wyatt around their community, to introduce him to the musical families of Otha Turner, RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough. “Wyatt was so smooth nobody felt he was taking photos,” Luther recalls. “No one was self-conscious or posing. Wyatt had a cloak of invisibility."

A month after McSpadden took those photos, the newly formed North Mississippi Allstars made their Memphis debut, incorporating their father’s concept of roots music as a framework for improvisation and blending experimental/psychedelic excursions into Hill Country anthems. In just a few short years, their lives would then be forever changed with the release of their debut album  'Shake Hands with Shorty' in 2000. They wouldn’t see most of the photos for over two decades until McSpadden tracked the brothers down in 2017. Luther says, “The images stopped me in my tracks and blew my mind. The music that changed our lives was captured in these photographs. Cody and I wanted to set the music free and record an album to accompany these photographs illustrating what Mississippi music sounded like in 1996 - and what it sounds like now.”  'Up and Rolling' takes listeners on a tour of this vibrant and rural community: through the hills and along the back roads to Otha’s home, to Junior Kimbrough’s nightclub, and RL Burnside's house parties.

Along with their originals, they covered some of their favourite songs by these local heroes, with help from Cedric Burnside and Sharde Thomas, Otha Turner’s granddaughter. “She was only a child when she became his apprentice and heir to the bamboo throne of fife and drum music,” says Luther. “Now she’s the Queen of the Hill Country and my favorite singing partner.” In addition to duetting with him on RL Burnside’s raunchy 'Peaches,' she also sings with Luther on Otha’s 'Call That Gone.'

Mavis Staples keeps NMA marching on the freedom highway, singing on her family’s classic 'What You Gonna Do?', which originally appeared on The Staples Singers’ essential 1965 album.


Rev Rev Rev - One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another.

The new single 'One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another' by shoegaze / psych band Rev Rev Rev, has just had a video shared.

Since the release of their self-titled debut album back in 2013, Rev Rev Rev – based in Modena, Italy – have repeatedly been hailed as one of the finest new shoegaze bands, clocking up airtime and praise from BBC 6 Music, NPR, Drowned In Sound, Clash Magazine and Bandcamp Daily.

The new album, produced by James Aparicio (Spiritualized, Cult Of Dom Keller, Dead Vibrations), marks also their signing on cult indie psych label Fuzz Club.
Veering away from the blistering psychedelic noise-rock that’s to be found on most of the album – as seen in the first single, ‘Clutching The Blade’, released back in March – ‘One Illusion...’ is instead a ritualistic shoegaze-y drone that explores repetition and texture over their usual sonic belligerence.