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Last month AM Clouds released their 'Rainmaker' album, we shared 'Tune Me In' from it, now this very fine indie rock (and more) band have shared a video for the title track. === We have already featured the first two singles from the debut E.P and now we have the full collection as Inbetween Movies today release 'Temporary Music For The Masses' where their mixture of dream pop and atmospheric shoegaze is magnificent. === Proud Creature has just shared his 'Opening Creature E.P' from which we have 'Eastern Lines' and 'Pines', expect anything from ambient to psychedelic and jazz, all superbly delivered. === Good Wilson self titled album 'Good Wilson' is released today. The band describe their music as Sky Gaze or dream pop for staring at the sky letting your mind drift off, it's a good description for what is an exceptional album. === Elrichman shares 'I Mostly Consume' which is a vibrant sophisti-pop song, that exudes warm vibes throughout. 

AM Clouds - Rainmaker.

Oregon-based AM Clouds craft adventurous roosty indie rock that traverses both the internal and external landscapes of human experience. Their hometown of Bend offers extreme climate changes and expansive beauty, prompting them to coin the term ‘high desert rock.’ Even their name, AM Clouds, was derived from a phrase that was constantly broadcast across the Oregon weather forecast.

Meshing classic and alternative, the band connects the dots between several eras of rock music, from angular indie to psychedelic noise jams, equal parts Neil Young and Meat Puppets, Tom Petty and Uncle Tupelo. Their debut EP, War of Love, was released in 2017, and was welcomed with open arms by local press, picking up heavy rotation on KPOV and KRFM. “We’re located in a rugged, remote place, where culture has a tendency to be overshadowed by nature,” Moon relates. “I think people really connect to hearing their majestic surroundings captured musically with a bit of cinematic flair.”

Made up of Bruce Troy Moon (lead vocals, lead guitar), Graham Boostrom (rhythm guitar, vocals), Pete Ficht (bass, keys, vocals), and Dan Paggi (drums, vocals), the band is both immediate and relatable, comprised of musicians committed to their individual tone but more invested in serving the overall sound. Since their inception, they’ve played across Central Oregon, sharing the stage with veteran roots rockers the Mother Hips and Portand’s psych rock pioneers King Black Acid.


Inbetween Movies - Temporary Music For The Masses.

Their first two singles have gained thousands of plays and streams on spotify, youtube and co.: Inbetween Movies provide the perfect soundtrack for the cinema in your head. Now, their debut EP 'Temporary Music for the Masses' is released today Friday, March 20th.

Inbetween Movies create atmospheric dreampop and shoegaze, while going back and forward in history and combine it's bits in a fresh and cheerful way. Their sound is a journey into the 1990s to the Pale Saints and Cocteau Twins, a detour into the 2010s to Ladytron and a trip to the present with Billie Eilish on the throne. Above all, Inbetween Movies lie their own spirit.

Zurich-based four-piece make us dream immediately, with «It all Sounds Quite Good To Me», the opener of the EP. At the same time this track reminds us of not closing our eyes permanently, but facing reality instead. And it make us watch one of their artistically playful video clips so we can dive into a colourful imaginery.


Proud Creature - Eastern Lines / Pines (Opening Creature E.P).

Introducing Psychedelic electronica/jazz/ambient musician Proud Creature, solo moniker for Todd Brozman. Expect fluidity, tension, otherworldly mystique and serious groove as this seasoned creator seamlessly merges genres, the underlying experience becoming of paramount importance.

Proud Creature's new 5-track EP release Opening Creature leans into it's sense of surrealism and should appeal to experimental ambient artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never and Future Sounds of London.

From the Artist: Opening Creature EP reflects travels and explorations I've had over the past few years. I'm trying to capture the headspace that opens up when we venture out of our default mindset and into something broader and more abstract. For me, these spaces have been explored through travel, dreams, nature, and spiritual exploration. Musically, there's lots of improvisation with eclectic instrumentation and non-traditional production techniques along with layerings of field recordings from travel, nature and religious prayer. Together, this creates an ethereal and otherworldly tone that underscores the broader themes of the album. As a whole, I am striving for something that feels alive, expansive, mysterious and alluring.

Over the past few years, I have gotten to create some great music with other artists. Now more than ever, I am inspired to release more music as a sole producer and instrumentalist. I hope you enjoy my first album as a solo artist.


Good Wilson - Good Wilson (Album).

Equipped with a mildly melancholic mood as travelling companion, the self-titled debut album “Good Wilson” is a dreamy walk in spring’s first sun rays, marked by easiness, absent-mindedness and sweet-tempered naivety. The band’s self-invented genre “sky gaze” - dream pop for starring at the sky and letting the mind drift off – describes Günther Paulitsch’s, Alex Connaughton’s, Mario Fartacek’s und Julian Pieber’s aka Good Wilson’s vibe perfectly.

Moony guitar loops, soulful strings, catchy synths and the unique smoothness of the pedal steel guitar remind us that life is a game, which shouldn’t be taken too seriously. “The daily struggle is real for all of us. Still, it’s important to sometimes lose your way on your own journey in order to discover new facets of yourself. You might stumble upon inspiring things, enriching yourself with confidence.”

Ethereal and snappy sound structures decoy the listener into letting go of everyday life and escaping into a parallel existence – if you engage in Good Wilson, you’ll wander off. Deeply submerged in a parallel existence, the album “Good Wilson” originated almost magically. “At time a mood went through all of us - we can find it again in our songs, but we can’t explain it.”


Elrichman - I Mostly Consume.

Toronto-based sophisti-pop artist Elrichman – the project of Paul Erlichman – is today sharing his breezy new single, ‘I Mostly Consume’. This is the latest track to be lifted from his forthcoming sophomore LP, Heaven’s Mayor which is due for release via the Madrid-based label, Bobo Integral in Summer 2020 (date moved due to COVID-19)

The record comes produced by Alex Gamble (Alvvays) with further contributions coming from members of Hooded Fang (Jon Pappo), Weaves (Zach Bines) and Twisted Pine (Anh Phung). The new collection trails Erlichman’s work as part of Goosebump (formerly Germaphobes) and bass duties in Toronto’s jangle-pop quartet, Ducks Unlimited.

Recorded at Toronto’s recently closed studios, The Hive, Heaven’s Mayor looks to meticulously examine how to be honest with oneself in a world driven by consumption. Chiming in with blissful stylistics akin to Orange Juice, Prefab Sprout and Sarah Records acts such as The Field Mice,‘I Mostly Consume’ thematically explores precisely what is says on the tin – consumption – focusing on the feeling that Paul has: the idea that we are on this planet solely for the purpose to consume.

Speaking about the track, Paul says: “‘I Mostly Consume’ is about feeling like you exist on this earth mostly to consume, which is the sense I have sometimes. The bridges set scenes of impending doom, but everything else is pretty cheery so I guess I'm a blissful consumer!” Heaven’s Mayor will be the follow-up to 2014’s Young, Healthy and Wonderful with a run of North American dates expected to follow the album release – we’ll have more on these shortly.