Little Kid - Goan Dogs

Little Kid have just released their new single 'All Night (Golden Ring)' and it's a gentle mix of folk and understated Americana with wonderful dual vocals. === From Bristol, England quintet Goan Dogs we have their brand new breathtaking, creative and vibrant song 'Zombies'.

Little Kid - All Night (Golden Ring).

Though Toronto's Little Kid have been bubbling under in DIY circles since 2011 the band are beginning to garner widespread international attention since their signing to Solitaire Recordings (Common Holly, Kate Davis) earlier this year. Led by songwriter Kenny Boothby the band built a cult audience through performances with artists like Car Seat Headrest, Horse Jumper of Love, Fog Lake and Half Waif, and a prolific output of idiosyncratic home recordings, before signing to the label earlier this year.

They have since released two singles, the stand alone release "Thief On The Cross" and "Losing" which came out to announce their forthcoming album Transfiguration Highway in early May, and have been warmly embraced by the press immediately, earning praise from outlets like NPR, Beats1, Line of Best Fit, World Cafe, Exclaim and Stereogum who compared the band to artists like Whitney, Pinegrove and Neil Young/The Band. This week, Little Kid are sharing a second single from the record entitled "All Night (Golden Ring)."

A duet between Kenny Boothby and bandmate Megan Lunn, the track explores the relationship between Tammy Wynette and George Jones on a track that is named for an album of duets (Golden Ring) from the two country singers who were also a real life couple. Boothby was a fan of the record but found his understanding of it unavoidably altered by its context, as the album was recorded after Wynette and Jones had divorced due to Jones’ abusive behavior. The singers, after failing to find the same success as solo artists thereafter, recorded the album together for purely commercial reasons and it went on to become the first number 1 record of their career.

“I was really saddened to read about that, and to picture how that must have felt for Tammy,” says Boothby. “I can’t relate directly, but as a survivor of abuse, I can only imagine what it would feel like to have to sing with my abuser, much less to have to sing love songs with him and act like everything is OK.”


Goan Dogs - Zombies.

Bristolian quintet Goan Dogs took an extended hiatus from the music scene, before marking their return this year. With their debut full-length in the pipeline and the recent release of vibrant numbers ‘Anxiety’ and ‘God Loves a Trier’, the five-piece announce their third offering ‘Zombies’.

Converging eerie experimental synths with jangling guitar pop, ‘Zombies’ reminisces over happy recollections of one’s past. Given the world’s current circumstances with the Global pandemic, it seems only fitting that this ambitious track is the next in line on the bands release radar.

Discussing the track, Goan Dogs tells us: “Now that the whole world is ill, we all do the same things day in, day out. Stuck on a loop. Remember the good old days? When we were free to wake up, eat food, drink, get bored, get anxious, sleep and repeat. Everyday. Without thinking. Like Zombies.”

Laced with hypnotising melodies which layer neatly underneath frontman Luke’s hazy vocal harmonies, Goan Dogs have the ability to contort and sculpt an unconventional structure into an exquisite piece of indie-pop. They went on to say: “Zombies is the band’s catchiest tune yet. An infectious earworm waiting to nibble your brains.”