Still Corners - Konsequence - Tired Kid

Still Corners have released the title track 'The Last Exit' from their fifth studio album due out in January 2021. We are a little bit late to the party with this song, however it's just to good to let pass by and gives a good feel for their next musical journey. === Konsequence have shared 'Oh, Look At The Time' and it's a paced and rhythmic song with the vocals immersed in a richly textured musical envelope. === Tired Kid shares 'Make Time' which has a beautiful and timeless alt rock feel to it, a sense of looking back and reliving times gone by, without being overly sentimental.



Still Corners - The Last Exit.

The Last Exit is the fifth studio album from Still Corners, which will be released on 22nd January 2021 on Wrecking Light Records.

With the shimmering desert noir sound the band has become known for, The Last Exit takes you on a hypnotic journey, one filled with dilapidated towns, mysterious shapes on the horizon, and long trips that blur the line between what’s there and not there. Greg says, “We found something out there in the desert – something in the vast landscapes that went on forever."

The Last Exit consists of eleven beautifully crafted songs with organic instrumentation, clean-toned guitar, spacious drums and the smoky croon of Tessa Murray. Album highlights include “The Last Exit”, “White Sands” and “Shifting Dunes” all of which evoke the vast space of the desert and rolling unconcerned skies.

The album was brought further into focus by the pandemic when almost everything was forced to stop. Tessa explains, “There's always something at the end of the road and for us it was this album. Our plans were put on hold – an album set for release, tours, video shoots, travel. We’d been touring nonstop for years, but we were forced to pause everything. We thought the album was finished but with the crisis found new inspiration and started writing again.”

It was in this context that songs like ‘Crying’, ‘Static”, ‘Till We Meet Again’ were written, reflecting on the impact of isolation and the need for social contact and intimacy.

First single, ‘The Last Exit’ is the final chapter of the Still Corners’ Road Trilogy. What began with ‘The Trip’ and was followed by ‘The Message’ concludes with the stunning ‘The Last Exit’.  The video, inspired by the 1975 film Picnic at Hanging Rock, finds Tessa pulled into the mysterious rocks of Joshua Tree.  Tessa explains -

"In a world where everyone thinks all the corners of the map are filled in we like to suggest there's something beyond that, something eternal in the landscape and in our psyche.  Maybe you don't see it every day but it's there and that's what we are trying to connect to."

With a galloping beat, teardrop vocals and silver-tone guitar, The Last Exit races down a lonely highway to destination unknown. Elegant and searching with a grand piano ending, The Last Exit will remind you of another world beyond the one you see.


Konsequence - Oh, Look At The Time.

Red-eyed, sleepless nights filled with existential crises and tormented dreams are the order of the day on Munich outfit Konsequence’s new track ‘Oh, Look At The Time’. 

Centred around the fear of losing out on opportunities, and lethargically letting life pass you by, the track conveys these emotions through deadpan lyrics and sarcastic wit.

Munich-based brothers Tom and Mike Zitzelsberger have made music together for most of their adult life. Their familial bond allows them to be completely candid with each other – able to express their creative ideas without fear of judgement or rebuke.

Producing emotionally charged electro pop with post-punk affectations, the pair have previously collaborated with the likes of Rome Fortune and Rory Fresco. Nostalgic synths are backed up by motoric drums; melancholia and teenage trauma are countered with a sense of optimism.


Tired Kid - Make Time.

New single, “Make Time,” takes an autobiographical look at Tired Kid’s day-to-day life; some of it mundane but relatable, ultimately attached with a bit of happiness.

Tired Kid is the moniker for Thomas Kelly, a musician/composer based in Toronto. Thomas tries to create music with a vintage warmth and psychedelic nature. 

Inspired by bands from all eras of time, he picks out elements from each like a florist picking out flowers to create a bouquet of sound for eager ears to listen upon. Pure familiarity, pure nostalgia.