Aeroplane Mode - Jillette Johnson - PEP - Romanie - Elise Davis

Aeroplane Mode - In A State.

Melbourne dream-pop 4 piece Aeroplane Mode are ready to hit the skies again with their sophomore single and videoclip for 'In A State'. 

Mastered by Joe Carra (Babe Rainbow, San Cisco) the band have been able to create their own take on the dream-pop genre with rich jangle guitars, sweeping synths and honest lyricism. 'In A State' was inspired by the notion of growing up and the acceptance that comes with embracing change. As the band's bassist and songwriter Carlos explains: "The main concept that ‘In A State’ explores is that of a typical boy-meets-girl scenario, and the butterflies associated with a first crush". Exploring different vocal aesthetics and soundscapes, the single leans into a more upbeat tune and borrows the vocals of band's guitarist Brandon. "It is our mission with this single to make clear to our audience that we have two frontpeople in the band." continues Carlos.

Releasing alongside a video clip, the video features a series of the band playing amongst different colour washes, between playful scenes of lead singer Brandon, that embraces the band's aesthetic of nostalgic vaporwave, full of soft and dreamy textures. Recorded at Red Door Studios in Collingwood and produced by Melbourne based creative Nick Bond.

Having only released the one single 'Settle Down', Aeroplane Mode caught the attention of notable industry figures including James Tidswell (Violent Soho) who released the song on his Domestic La La Record Club and Brae Fisher of Dear Seattle who has taken them on for management. Along with this the band have been played on TOPS on Triple J Unearthed and received national radio play on Triple J, as well as being added to Spotify Editorial playlist ‘fuzzy’.

Comprised of members of DIET, alongside the unique talents of frontpeople Sinead and Brandon, Aeroplane Mode is set to woo fans of #1 Dads, Hatchie and Beach House. So, turn your devices to Aeroplane Mode, kick back and enjoy this flight.


Jillette Johnson - Many Moons.

Jillette Johnson has released a celestial music video for her reflective single “Many Moons.” The track is off her latest album It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You, which just released on February 12.

“‘Many Moons’ is a coming of age story, and a reflection on all the phases of my life so far,” explains Jillette. “I worked with the super talented Grant Claire to make a video that told the story of where I came from, where I am now, and where I believe I’m headed. I wanted to use lots of color and to make it feel like a spacey fever dream, where all these disparate worlds kind of collide into one.”

It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You injects Jillette’s intimate, piano-written songs with irreverent lyrics, buoyant pop melodies and a shot of guitar-driven, alt-rock muscle. Produced by Joe Pisapia and written entirely by Jillette, the album has garnered praise from Rolling Stone, NPR Music, Refinery29, No Depression and more.

American Songwriter said "Boasting a series of mesmerizing melodies, [It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You] begins with the eerie and elusive 'Many Moons' and subsequently negotiates its way through to songs that become even more effusive and expressive.” UNCUT adds, “her latest uses country as a springboard into '60s pop, '70s rock, and Noughties indie...It's an adventurous palette that suits her well.”

In late 2020, Jillette launched her original “Artist Brain” interview series, showcasing intimate acoustic performances and conversations with other artists. Streaming live on her Instagram every other Thursday, previous guests include Jaime Wyatt, Molly Parden, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Elle Varner, Maggie Rose, Katie Pruitt and Lillie Mae. Upcoming episodes will feature Andrew Combs and Grace Weber, with more guests to be announced.


PEP - Like a Movie / Run.

PEP the NYC-based nostalgic pop group featuring frontwoman Karys Rhea (former drummer of Starlight Girls) is sharing a surprise two-video farewell for singles “Like a Movie” and “Run”, self-released Friday, February 26. This goodbye marks the end of a six-year run for a locally beloved band and celebrates music born out of Brooklyn venues in the 2010s.

“Like a Movie” is a haunt of doo-wop dream sauce, equal parts lovesick and buoyant. It comes with a silky video (dir. Dorian Duvall), shot with Rhea’s actual ex-boyfriend, going through the motions of a contrived love story fantasized and divine. “Run” is a glittering and joyful good time, previously released in 2017 but now with a brand new video, composed of careful quick harmonies, jangly splashes of color, and extremely catchy bass lines.

PEP originally began as the solo project of Starlight Girls drummer Karys Rhea. In the fall of 2011, she started humming doo-wop and Mo-town style melodies while practicing monotonous drum rudiments for hours at a time. These drum parts and vocal melodies became the foundation for PEP’s debut album, … Presenting PEP!, released in 2017.

After years of settling into a tight-knit act, PEP says farewell this year with the release of a new single, “Like A Movie”. Their updated brand of 60s doo-wop (nu-wop…if you will), became a seven-piece live outfit with back-up singers and choreographed moves reminiscent of retro pop girl groups. PEP is celebrating with their goodbye, years of music built out of Brooklyn venues in the 2010s, and a culture unabashedly retro but with a dreaminess that captured the hearts of listeners for a feel-good nostalgia PEP created with their tunes, fits, and fun.


Romanie - I'm Anything (But Myself Around You).

Melbourne based Romanie unveils her intimate new single  Anything (But Myself Around You). Produced by James Seymour (Feelds, Merpire) at Small Time Group, and mastered by Isaac Barter, the track was written in February 2020 right before Covid changed our lives significantly.

Speaking about the inspiration for  Anything (But Myself Around You), Romanie says, The song is about how everyone wants to show their best selves to social media, at work, even to their close circle of family and friends. We always try our best to be happy but I think sometimes we also just need to be a bit more real and call out if it's not okay. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we want to speak out against someone, but we don't really dare to break the peace.
Noting names like Lucy Rose, Julia Stone and Phoebe Bridgers as inspirations, Romanie opens her heart in her songs unveiling melancholic and sometimes personal topics of moving from her home country of Belgium to her new base in Melbourne.

I made the big trip across the ocean to Melbourne in October 2019 to start a new adventure at the other side of the world. Leaving everything behind that felt familiar - insecurity and overthinking were my first few friends I unpacked from my suitcase. I had to start over what I had left behind in Belgium (playing shows regularly, releasing my first EP Feelings, having a good network and friends). Seeing all the creative energy and talent in Melbourne, I soon got a bit overwhelmed and started to worry I would never find my feet in the music industry. This creative energy however, made me want to work hard and practice my craft to grow and figure out where I want to go with my music. I was very lucky to land in a network where I am inspired every day. I think I've never written as many songs as I did in the past year. - Romanie


Elise Davis - Empty Rooms.

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Elise Davis released a new song “Empty Rooms” from her forthcoming album Anxious. Happy. Chill. out on April 16 via Tone Tree. The song premiered on Apple Music’s Record Bin Radio with Kelly McCartney over the weekend and was featured by The Boot, who called the album "...a 10-song record about falling in love and changing perspectives." Last month, Davis announced the new collection with “Yellow Bed,” following the release of three singles in 2020 (“Ladybug,” “The Grid,” and “Flame Color”).

“I started writing this song right before the pandemic, around February 2020,” explains Davis. It began as a reflection of how I have spent my whole adult life. I began writing songs when I was 12 years old and never looked back. I've played in many empty rooms, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, restaurants, dive bars - I've also played in front of thousands of people in sold out clubs, theaters, music festivals. At the end of the day, regardless of the ups and downs, I know that playing music is what makes me feel whole and how I want to spend my time on this earth.  After writing this the pandemic became in full swing and the reality of playing live music completely changed. It is interesting because now this song has added layers of meaning. Rooms all over the world that are usually full, are now empty rooms.”

Anxious. Happy. Chill. was recorded just days after wrapping her honeymoon in Arizona, where she finished writing the album in the Sonoran Desert outside Tucson. Davis recorded the album with producer Teddy Morgan (Carl Broemel) at his studio in Nashville, TN. With the Covid-19 pandemic already in full swing, Davis and Morgan worked together for a month while maintaining their physical distance, communicating through the glass windows of the studio's isolation booths and playing the majority of the instruments themselves. Drummer Fred Eltringham (Sheryl Crow, The Wallflowers) joined them for a single day to lend the album its unique, percussive pulse.

“Making this album was a unique experience to say the least. Normally, I go in with a band and we all sit around and play through songs. We hang out and have drinks, making it a social and creative experience. This time my producer and I were never in the same room. We wore masks to get to our spots in the studio, then spoke through glass on headphones,” explains Davis. “For 8 years I wrote for publishing companies in Nashville that set me up on scheduled co-writes. Those experiences helped me grow as a writer and I learned a lot. But to write this album almost entirely on my own brought me back to my roots. At the end of the day I prefer writing on my own more than anything, and I got back in touch with that again. I also played guitar on most of this album which I don't usually do. I usually hire guitar players whose skills are better than mine. But, me playing on the recordings makes them feel different. I hear myself in them more. This album is about love, success/failure, dislike of social media, aging, summertime, and most importantly, it's honest. I am so happy to be sharing my third child, Anxious. Happy. Chill., with the world.”