David Wax Museum - Atomic Bronco - Noah Garner - Lovelorn

David Wax Museum - Sir Orfeo.

The new David Wax Museum E.P is on it's way! As always this folk group with strong Mexican music influences continues to push boundaries following their NPR Tiny Desk, Newport Folk Fest, and CBS Saturday Morning appearances.

The indie-folk/dream-pop artist is putting out an EP on June 25. It’s the alter ego of Turners Falls, MA musician Max Wareham and the pastoral western Massachusetts hills are definitely palpable in his music. 

He’s been influenced by magical realistic and adjacent books like Killing Comendatore by Haruki Murakami, as well as The Rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald and his music has a quality of wonder balancing with a sort of ambient beauty, part of which comes from the fact that it was largely recorded on cassette.


Atomic Bronco - Cruel.

Atomic Bronco have released their first new music of 2021, dropping new single Cruel today. The punchy, lo-fi indie rock tune is the first song off the upcoming Spectrum EP, due out June 1st. Both the single and EP are available on all streaming services, as well as at atomicbronco.com.

Cruel provides an instant vibe right from the start with a catchy acoustic riff and vocals dripping with swagger before erupting into an almost grungy chorus full of attitude and finishing with a fuzzed-out guitar solo. On the Spectrum EP, Atomic Bronco sought to explore sonically across genres and ended up with a range of songs befitting of the name. Cruel provides a great introduction and offers an intriguing insight of what to expect next from Atomic Bronco.

Atomic Bronco is a retro-inspired yet decidedly modern indie/alt rock act from London.  The creation of producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss, Atomic Bronco blends an interesting mix of indie, alternative, garage rock, lo-fi and classic rock. The one-man rock band is originally from the heart of rural America, but now makes guitar driven music in his East London studio.


Noah Garner - Spring Break Town.

Noah Garner, an on the rise Country music singer/songwriter has released the official video in support of his current EP and featured single of the same name, “Spring Break Town.” The video was premiered by AIM MUSIC, and it was also featured on Nashville Country TV. The message to viewers is the hope it brings up memories for people of that one time, with that one person, in that one special beach town that they never want to forget. Video content was captured in Panama City Beach, FL featuring Garner with special guest Damara Coniglione by ThreePartFilms and directed by Jordan Marking. Watch the video on the Noah Garner Music YouTube Channel.

The story behind the video is a guy meets an amazing girl while on Spring Break and has one of those hot, fast burning loves. She has to leave back home, but she never leaves his mind. When he returns to perform a show in the same town, she goes back too, and comes out to his show, and they reconnect.

Noah wanted to highlight some iconic places in and around Panama City Beach with the visuals and the production team did an amazing job capturing footage in six locations all in one day.

“The artist and team for Noah Garner are a powerhouse of talent and beautiful humanity. They are fun to work with, professional and genuine people that I will always say yes to working with,” shared ThreePartFilms - Jordan Marking. “After working with them, it always feels like family.”

“The story and video for “Spring Break Town” basically made itself as it is built into the song and it is so easy to understand, everything just fell into place perfectly,” stated Noah Garner.


Lovelorn - Sickness Reward.

Staring down the barrel of their psych-gaze outfit Creepoid’s dissolution, Anna and Patrick Troxell didn’t see an ending. Instead, they staged the reveal of their then-secret project Lovelorn. This commitment to secrecy pervades throughout Lovelorn’s debut album What’s Yr Damage. Each lyric rings like a slurred secret, every melody slips like an ace from a sleeve.

Named for a term of endearment used between Anna and Patrick Troxell, What’s Yr Damage celebrates the longstanding romantic and creative partnership between the duo. Eager to press flesh to the sonic skeletons left by Creepoid, the Troxells began to connect their broadspanning influences into a constellation of sound they’ve coined as “drug pop.” From dusky new wave synths to throbbing Detroit techno, What’s Yr Damage lies on the outskirts of conventional pop music.  Using a menagerie of analog and digital instrumentation, Lovelorn’s sound is rooted in the heydays of their prime influences—Soulwax, Echo & The Bunnymen, Spacemen 3—with eyes set on a self-made future.

Today, the pair have unveiled details for their debut album (out on August 6th via 6131 Records) and have shared the whirlwind first single, “Sickness Reward.”  The track is like an aural whiplash and is a meditation on failure in all of its forms.

As What’s Yr Damage cycles through its 10 tracks in a tight 35 minutes, the Troxells’ comfort amidst chaos is palpable. With their undaunted take on synth-fueled pop, it is clear that their debut was born from damage and dissolution. The end of one sound begets another, the existence of a troubled past implies a promising future, and a wound can open as a world of potential. “What’s yr damage,” Lovelorn asks. It’s up to the listener to find the truth in that question’s infinite possibilities.