Cozy Slippers - The Adam feat. Rasmus Littauer - Cindy

Cozy Slippers - Haunting Her.

Haunting Her is a janglepop gem that brings to mind The Sundays, the Smiths, early 10,000 Maniacs, and Belly. The track explores the tension when trying to support a friend, even as they make damaging decisions. Cozy Slippers debut album on Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten / Subjangle is a total treat for the anorak scene, light, breezy, topical, and catchy.  

Cozy Slippers announced their return with the release of their self titled debut album on Kleine Underground Schallplatten (vinyl) and Subjangle (CD) on October 14th, 2022.

Previously Cozy Slippers released the 7" "A Million Pieces" (Kleine Underground Schallplatten 2019), and two EPs: ‘Postcards’ (Jigsaw Record 2018) and ‘Late Night In Summertime’ (self-released 2017).

In 2019, the band toured the UK, including an appearance at the Cambridge Indiepop All-dayer. The band largely recorded the album themselves, and it was mixed by Dylan Wall (Versing, Great Grandpa, and High Sunn) and mastered by Paul Gold (The Chills, Allah-lahs).


The Adam - Geronimo (feat. Rasmus Littauer - Live Version).

“Geronimo, I feel your flow…” When a debut artist’s sound hits you square in the chops as it happens so, once in a blue moon, you can feel the tender fist of solidarity raise high in the sky from sleeping giants like Lennon and Hendrix.

Like hearing Oasis or Jake Bugg or Beck or Jack White for the first time, The Adam keeps the torch burning on ‘Geronimo’ his first solo outing, whose slide guitar conjures the pain and joy of ten thousand summers whilst his Danish comrade Rasmus Littauer, better known as cult idol School of X, obliges on dreamy 60s laced vocals.

The Adam, real name, Adam Olsson, hails from Copenhagen but has been living just outside Oslo for the past nine years, combining his guitar and music composition work with filmmaking and visual production. Having started his career in the Danish underground scene playing with instrumental surf rockers The Good The Bad, supporting the likes of BRMC (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) and playing on stage with Wayne Kramer (MC5), followed by a stint in pop icon MØ’s band, The Adam decided to put down a record which he felt showed his patronage to British rock and pop music of which he’s always adored.

The Adam explains, “I've always hated musicians who come from a band and have to go solo. I’ve always loved the idea of the band, so I don’t expect anything from this, but I had some good people work on the record with me and tried to create that band energy.”

The Adam is a huge fan of Liam Gallagher and The Who but working around his own vocal restrictions he further explains, “I can pitch, and I can sing, but I don’t think my voice is a lead voice. The coolest instrument in the world is that of a lead singer, and I wish I was gifted with a voice like Jim Morrison. But since I’m not, I chose to find some people whose voices I loved and asked them to sing different songs on the record.”

Recording and producing the album with Søren Vedsgaard Christensen organist with Danish rockers The Blue Van, The Adam featuring The Adam is a debut album which is set to alight 2023. Meantime, check out the stunning visuals and debut single reminiscent of The Beatles ‘Get Back’ epic documentary footage.


Cindy - Thin As Flags.

Emotional Response announces volume 6 in their ongoing compilation series 'Typical Girls', and share a new track by bay area band Cindy. Here is a bit about the "Thin As Flags" track that just debuted by Karina Gill of the band Cindy.

"This song -- like most of the songs I write -- came out of seeing something in everyday life that, for reasons beyond reason, pulls together things I've thought and felt at different times. Something ordinary will crystallize a whole song, a whole mood. I noticed a flag whipping in the wind and this heartbreak song sprung up around it. This song, like all my songs, is simple and I feel lucky to be in a community of musicians who are open to the way a simple pop song can hold a mood --- like there's room built into the structure to move around in as a listener. I notice that kind of roominess in a lot of the music happening around the Bay Area these days -- in music of really different styles there's a willingness to float a mood and see what happens.

It's personal to the people making the music and also impersonal, shared, not entirely known. I think people listening respond to that qulaity. I made a solo demo of the song -- just guitar and vocal -- and then worked it out with the band. Aaron Diko wrote this both soaring and mournful keyboard part; Jesse Jackson came up with a heartbreak bass line; Simon Phillips created a drive on the drums. "

Who invented the Typical Girl?" The Slits gleefully proclaimed as they attacked sexual stereotypes way back in 1979. There are no typical girls. Just remarkable women making remarkable music, as this compilation highlights. 16 of the greatest current female fronted independent punk, darkwave and independent bands, from around the world, celebrated on limited red or classic black vinyl.

Inspired by the pioneering women of the 1st wave punk era and beyond, Emotional Response continues to bring you the sixth volume of their acclaimed TYPICAL GIRLS series. Featuring the finest in current punk, indie, darkwave female fronted music for all corners of the globe.