Viv & Riley - Paging Doctor Moon - Meagre Martin - Dictator Ship

Viv & Riley - Imaginary People.

The new single from Durham indie roots duo Viv & Riley (formerly Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno) is a wistful look at our many selves, at the refractions of our identities as we navigate the world. "‘Imaginary People’ is about evaluating and juggling all of the different versions of myself," Leva (the songwriter) says. "Was I adventurous and a little reckless? Or was I grounded and measured? Am I kind to myself or too judgemental?"

A bittersweet nostalgia lies at the heart of Imaginary People, the new album from Viv & Riley, coming September 15, 2023 on Free Dirt Records. Over ten tracks, the pair applies an indie roots sheen to newly composed pop gems.

Rooted originally in the folk tradition, the pair reframe the production into experimental territory, crafting songs that speak to finding a path forward into adulthood in an uncertain world. Gifted songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno’s first album under the name Viv & Riley is a subtle masterpiece of thought and reflection.


Paging Doctor Moon - Dirty Alcoholic.

Pittsburgh-based indie band Paging Doctor Moon has released their newest single, Dirty Alcoholic, available for streaming from August 18th.

“This is our Spaghetti Western (Appalachian) exploration of addiction and self harm.  Sonically, it feels like cowboys dreaming on a pirate ship,” says Kirsten Heibert, songwriter and founder of Paging Doctor Moon.  The guitars rock us gently back and forth as the drums roll the ship through the waves; Heibert’s dreamy vocals blow wind into the sails.  The band recorded the song at Audible Images in Pittsburgh, and at their producer Julian Giaimo’s studio in upstate NY.

Paging Doctor Moon started as Heibert’s solo project in Brooklyn.  With an album and EP under her belt, she relocated to her hometown in 2021.  This is the first single featuring the new band members.

Dirty Alcoholic is the first of three singles with accompanying music videos to be released this year.  It will be followed by “Scars” and “Middle Management.”  The music videos are scripted by Heibert and filmed/directed by Danielle Powell with creative consulting by Giuliana Fox. The content may be dark, but this group is dedicated to finding the joy in everything they create.  Heibert hopes that the music makes you feel deeply…even if she is afraid to herself.


Meagre Martin - Please Clap.

Berlin-based trio Meagre Martin has their shared new single 'Please Clap'. The single comes alongside the exciting news that on November 10th, the band will release their debut album Gut Punch via Mansions & Millions, as well as heading back to their native USA for a slew of live dates supporting Alt-J.

The project was founded in the summer of 2021 by the African-American musician and songwriter Sarah Martin (guitar), who was quickly joined by Federico ‘Freddy’ Corazzini (drums) and Max Hirtz-Wolf (bass).

On Gut Punch, Meagre Martin create a sound inspired by shoegaze, 90’s indie, or 'faux country,' as the band calls it, and juxtaposes these beautifully light soundscapes with lyrics that belie the sweetness of the sound with their vulnerability and depth. Sonically evoking images of California deserts and Berlin basements, of long thoughtful conversations in the twilight, days turning into nights in the park and nights turning into day again at a studio, Meagre Martin have created eleven tracks that beautifully flow into each other.

New single, 'Please Clap', is a satirical take on the feeling of inadequacy. "The original inspiration for the song came from using performance as a means of connection and a way to feel seen," explains Sarah. "As the song was forming, a lyric I was writing reminded me of a viral video from the 2016 US Presidential race of Jeb Bush giving a 'rousing' speech, then having to ask his audience to 'please clap'." Despite being against everything the Bush family stands for, Sarah felt pity for the eldest son, since he has always been overlooked throughout his career. Being the unseen second choice is something she could relate to.


Dictator Ship - City Girl.

Dictator Ship is back, ready to launch their second studio album ”Electric Jihad” in September 2023. Blending energetic and raw rock’n'roll with exquisite multi-layered vocal harmonies and melodies inspired by 60’s soul and doo-wop, the band has carved out their very own niche in the rock landscape, perfectly displayed on the new album.

The second single leading up to ”Electric Jihad” is called ”City Girl” and is released on the 18th of August on The Sign Records.

The band comments on ”City Girl”: It’s a song about romance. About meeting a fantastic someone that you really want to sleep with and hang out with but you know you won’t ever get the chance. What can you do? You just get yourself a drink and move on.