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TANDM - T.G. Shand - Jay Wood - Cara Hammond - Moving Into Tucson

TANDM - Sirens (Album). On the surface, they’re charming in their sweet simplicity – effortlessly compelling thanks to graceful melodies, heartfelt lyricism, and syncopated synergy. But the deeper you dig, the more Toronto duo TANDM’s songs seem to transcend time, place, and even stylistic categorization. The core duo of vocalist/guitarist Maxine Beck-Sinderby and drummer Thomas Franklin first met in their mid-teens and quickly united over a unique creative chemistry. Their new collection, Sirens, finds the duo teeing up their most engaging and enveloping output to date – a potent distillation of the magical individual components that comprise TANDM’s masterful take on alternative pop but with a newfound polish and elevated production style. The rhythms are entrancing and engaging, drawing the listener into a warm, dreamlike world of stirring melodic dynamism and delicate-but-dauntless vocals. The title track, “Sirens,” blasts the hopefulness and excitement of youth, with lyrics refer

Vines - Nora Kelly Band - Brewflies - The Vanrays

Photo - Anna Longworth Vines - The World At Large. Brooklyn composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Wieland has released the third single, a cover of Modest Mouse's "The World At Large," from her upcoming debut LP as Vines. In 2022, Wieland began covering popular indie songs using her vocoder as a side project, unearthing the emotions lying inside of these tracks. “The World at Large” is just one example of her contemplative reimaginings. Throughout her cover of Modest Mouse’s 2004 hit, Wieland softens each beat, slowing down each peppy “ah” into a pensive hum. The song takes on themes of drifting and running away, and in Wieland’s gossamer threads, heart-wrenching simplicity amplifies its melancholy to unveil the existentialism that colors the music. The single follows "january" and "I don't mind," the latter of which Stereogum likened to "Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek,” with traces of Sigur Rós, Bon Iver, and various electronic

Chloey Rose - desert life - Deidre & the Dark & Violet Sands - Sara Noelle - After The Flesh - Zola Courtney

Chloey Rose - Shot You Down. Delivering powerful pop songs with a theatrical twist, Chloey Rose has been captivating audiences at major venues up and down the UK and in Europe with her dramatic, soaring vocals that have attracted comparisons to Adele and Paloma Faith. Drawing inspiration from Kate Bush and Taylor Swift, Chloey has just released brand new single ‘Shot You Down’, an edgy pop ballad full of dark sounds that could become the theme tune for the next James Bond Movie. ‘Shot You Down’ follows the story of being in an unhealthy relationship and the strength it can take to walk away. Written by Chloey Rose and produced by Aron Bicskey, the track builds from smoky late night piano atmospheres to become a powerful anthem for getting up again once you’ve been cut down, with a nod to Nancy Sinatra’s classic track ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’. As a songwriter, Rose’s debut single ‘Golden Dreams’ was released in 2016, followed by a string of singles including ‘Hearts On The Li

Tamar Berk - Chonna - Jess Nolan - Mull Historical Society

Photo - Brandon Mosquera Tamar Berk - if u know, u know. Noted indie darling Tamar Berk is excited to share “if u know, u know”, the second single from her upcoming third album tiny injuries, out August 18th. The new single “if u know, u know” comes on the heels of last month’s first single “drop in the bucket”. "If u know, u know" utilizes Tamar Berk's spirited vocals to explore existential crises caused by loss, reminiscent of Soccer Mommy, Aimee Mann, and Liz Phair for an alternative pop edge. In describing the new track, Tamar Berk writes: “I recently learned that we are always mourning something...a child leaving home, houses, cities, jobs, friends, marriage, a death, ourselves...our youth." Getting older has its advantages...but what I dislike most is how long the list of things I mourn has become. When you know, you know." Her lyrics hint at her existential crisis, where she's still coping with feelings of confusion, isolation and dislocation after h