MwS - Eva & the Vagabond Tales - Future Rootz

MwS have shared 'Moonlight' a smooth, melodic and soulful song with that all important wow factor that makes the piece stand out.

'Sea Will Return You' is from the Southern California folk ensemble Eve & The Vagabond Tales. The vocals are beautifully melodic and the bands musical structure is wonderful and full of Americana refinement.

We don't often feature remixes however Future Rootz have created some really enticing music that is just crammed with quality and fresh creativity, it's just got to be shared, this really is exceptional!

MwS - Moonlight.

Although the pair recount working with other talented musicians and producers, the scene is unquestionably stronger on the British Isles so a move was always on the cards. However, the whole plan was nearly derailed early on as the pair booked tickets into the UK on the very day we decided to leave the European Union. It’s a wound reopened recently with the uncertainty in the air around the subject and growing worry about the position of touring musicians in the UK.

"The Brexit decision made us feel a bit uneasy about heading to the UK only at the beginning... We have a lot of faith in London, which we know is a very open city that somehow needs people from all over the world. We knew that this was the place for our music so we had to make it happen regardless. In the last months though, there is a lot of worry around Brexit for touring musicians."

The duo first graced the airwaves with their debut EP ‘Swim’. Written and produced between the UK and Italy, with a carefully curated roster of different artists and producers.. The project has since racked up over 600K Streams on Spotify and had support from the likes of Complex, Clash, BBC 6 Music, The BBC Introducing Mixtape, Amazing Radio. They followed up with the beachy, pop-soul leaning ‘Island’. Produced by Grammy winning Aamir Yaqub (Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Will.I.Am) - Island was their first release solely created in the UK. Spotify got behind the track again, with support on their influential “Alternative R’n’B” playlist.

Looking forward to 2019, Giulia and Francesco are looking to take their art to the next level with a string of single releases and a full EP in the summer months. Their last singles were both supported on a number of official Spotify Playlists. This led to support from Jamz Supernova on BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Introducing London. The duo are looking to expand on their live presence this year, with live dates for Wilderness Festival confirmed, as well as a fast-selling London headline show. Although their next single is titled ‘Moonlight’ - it’s an exquisite piece of sunshine alt-pop, with a disco feel.

On the track, the duo state: “Moonlight was inspired by a dream Giulia had after watching La La Land. Most of the images come straight from the surreal atmosphere of dreams, where you can sometimes meet ‘your self’ and find the courage to break out of your comfort zone. The song is also an invitation to focus on the positive side of things in order to reach your full potential.


Eva & the Vagabond Tales - Sea Will Return You.

Eva & The Vagabond Tales, a folk ensemble based in Southern California and led by charismatic Russian-born Eva Mikhailovna, are set to release a new album, their second in May.  Titled Uncharted Ocean, the album features ten original songs that combine western, old folk and ragtime traditions into a musical melting pot, creating a unique and alluring sound that transcends time and continents. 

David Fleming of NPR describes their sound as having “the feel of old Europe.”  Performing alongside Eva as The Vagabonds are Jake Pflum on percussion, Alan Arteaga on electric guitar, banjo and ukulele, Jasmine Capitulo on accordion and Benjamin Purper on bass. Produced by Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields, The Bones of J.R. Jones), the album also includes Claudia Chopek (Father John Misty, Moby) on violin and viola, Christian Dupree (Jack Johnson) on cello, and Logan Coale (Natalie Merchant) on upright bass. 

The song “Sea Will Return You” was released as a single digitally on May 10.  Uncharted Ocean will be released digitally, on CD and on “Sea Green” vinyl on May 17.  The band will play a special album release showcase at Hotel Café on May 15. The video was directed by Mikhailovna with the help of Pflum and aerial camera operator Miguel Galindo.

Says Mikhailovna: “This album combines songs from every season in my life. The songs were written over a period of ten years, and some of the instrument tracks we managed to salvage are so ancient that you can almost hear the hours trying to catch up with you as you listen to it. Layering the new crispy clear recordings on top of the older ones gave the album a lot of character.

A lot of these songs have a reoccurring theme of the ocean. There are songs about someone sailing away and never coming back, a mysterious lighthouse where you have to watch your every step, someone who would rather stay comfortable in shallow waters, and a song about memories sinking into the deepest parts of the ocean where nobody can find them. I liked the name “Uncharted Ocean” not only because of the ocean metaphors, but also because this album was like uncharted territory in my own life. This was my first time working with a producer, and my first time letting someone else enhance my songs, pushing them in directions I didn’t think they could go. “


Future Rootz - What Goes Up Remixed.

Future Rootz is a collective of Chicago-based mixed media DJs who spin and remix global roots, tropical bass, world electronic and Latin house music. The collective produces events in Chicago highlighting local and international artists and DJs from all over the world. Future Rootz just released its first record as a label, What Goes Up (Remixed), on limited-edition vinyl.

What Goes Up (Remixed), which includes remixes by Maga Bo, Ron Trent, AfroQbano, Sound Culture, Sol Power Sound, Kevin Ford and Jose Marquez, is a companion piece to 2017’s What Goes Up.

True to its original intent as an evolving musical experiment, Chicago Afrobeat Project now angles its afrobeat roots sideways, pushing a vocal-heavy band that drips with slippery funk and rhythmic hiphop. After years working with Tony Allen, master drummer behind Fela Kuti and the creator of Afrobeat, the group’s grasp of the musical form is uncontested. It’s the deviation from tradition that continues to make the band’s sound contemporary and relevant.

With the addition of male emcee Legit and female vocalist Rhea the Second, tightly executed hip-hop verses scatter across the top of CAbP’s bubbling Afrobeat rhythms. Rhea’s soaring vocal melodies intersect with the full horn section, which at times will either punctuate to emphasize these vocals or intertwine with the vocal melody itself. The sound is rich, and there’s a lot to sink your teeth into whether you’re a fan of Fela or the burgeoning young Chicago hiphop scene.

The group began in 2002 as a collective of musicians sharing a common interest in West African rhythms. Quickly they realized that mixing Afrobeat with Chicago house, indie rock, hip-hop and jazz opened new avenues for experimentation.

Fast-forward hundreds of tour dates and five studio releases later, and the group has found ways of interpreting Afrobeat through American urban sounds. Through it all, CAbP has been at the center of the emergence of the North American Afrobeat scene. On its newest releases, What Goes Up Remixed (2019) and What Goes Up (2017), the band features special guest Tony Allen, as well as many Chicago vocalists and MCs.

Allen, once exclaimed by Brian Eno as “perhaps the greatest drummer who ever lived,” plays kit on all 10 tracks, recording his signature beats behind the band and vocalists. This collaboration makes Chicago Afrobeat Project the first American Afrobeat band to produce a full-length studio record with Tony Allen.

Taking the vocal helm on the album are Akenya (Noname, Chance the Rapper), JC Brooks, Kiara Lanier, Legit (Chance the Rapper), Ugochi, Oranmiyan and Rico Sisney/Maggie Vagle (Sidewalk Chalk). The band’s new vocal-laden approach makes the songs on What Goes Up concise and intentional, and markedly different from CAbP’s prior recordings.

A staple of the American live music scene for years, the band’s live show now combines its historically instrumental style with the new vocal approach. Crowds feed off the spontaneity of the soloists and enthusiasm of the band.