DreamVacation - Flawes - Houg - Superet

DreamVacation - Thin World (EP).

Background - DreamVacation’s new EP ‘Thin World’ is cinematic in nature and thematically metaphysical. The EP includes such tracks as the title track which touches on existential themes. 2nd single “The Same Love” was originally inspired by the travails of Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks. While the EP touches on such seminal bands like Interpol and Temper Trap, the band employs a driving and transcendent approach to Post-Rock.

DreamVacation’s stunning new EP, Thin World, delves into the inherent disparity of a world run by zeros and ones, what it means to exist, and what it might mean to not exist at all.  It was recorded at Big Ego Studios in Long Beach and produced by Rian Lewis and DreamVacation.

DreamVacation include Zilva Thustra on vocals and guitar, Gerry Matthews on bass and synth, and Noah Alexander on drums and synth. The band members previously supported live acts such as Foster the People, Airborne Toxic Event, The War On Drugs and Matt & Kim.

Formerly a band called Atlantic Line, the three-piece had a licensing/publishing deal with a group called Hype Music, a partnership between the publishing arm of Sony ATV and MTV.  They had success placing songs in films and TV shows including Showtime’s Shameless, TNT’s Boston’s Finest, and SYFY’s Being Human, to name a few. In 2011, the band played the Hype/MTV stage in SXSW, and walked the red carpet for the MTV Woodie Awards. Website here, Facebook here.

I was not quite sure where to start with the 'Thin World (EP)'. Being able to share it in full helps, as the band traverse a good number of musical genres, making it something of a challenge to easily summarise. So if alt rock, shoegaze & all manner of indie music is for you, then enjoy, as this is a fine collection of songs that slip & slide within those regions.


Flawes - Blank Dice.

Background - London via Yorkshire band Flawes reveal their new single ‘Blank Dice’ via Red Bull Records. It’s the second track from their upcoming EP due for release this Autumn.

The new EP is the band’s first new material since 2016’s ‘CTRL’ and ‘Unspkn’ EPs created a feverish buzz around the trio. ‘Blank Dice’ - produced by young, London producer Lostboy (Ella Eyre / Anne-Marie) encapsulates the band’s flair for alternative pop which has been attracting a loyal fan base these past 12 months.

“The song is based on the concept of luck” commented front man Josh (JC) Carruthers. “… with the idea that you ‘make your own luck’ and ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’. A dice is the worldwide symbol for luck. When you strip a dice of all it’s numbers and roll it, nothing will happen because you make your own chances in life.”

“It outlines the sacrifices and strains on life when working hard in a cutthroat industry so hugely competitive. It’s not a lifestyle built for everyone and some people don’t understand or agree with investing/gambling away a huge amount of time, effort and focus”.

The band’s new material highlights an exciting first half of 2017 for Flawes who have already performed at a host of festivals including Live at Leeds, The Great Escape Festival, and were also hand-picked to perform on the Introducing stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Hull earlier this Summer. Website here, Facebook here.

We featured Flawes for the first time around six weeks ago (with 'Forever') and the new track 'Blank Dice' is more than worthy of a feature. It's another finely crafted song where the production is top notch, which for an alt rock song with soulful vocals makes all the difference.


Houg - The Seas I See.

Background - With a history in playing for multiple Singaporean bands ranging from Post Punk to Electro, Houg’s ambitions have taken him from the confinements of his local arts scene to the shores of Australia with hopes of pushing the ceiling and sharing his grooves with an international audience.

New single, “The Seas I See” was self produced and recorded in Houg’s home studio back in January. The song tries to sonically capture the essence of internal dread and chaos. It describes the subtle and invisible pains the people around us go through, unbeknownst to us. This is part of the greater theme of Houg’s debut album The Death Process, which also explores the different anxieties and pain, suffered first hand by Houg.

“Sonically, the song has its main line ‘It seems to me, all I see, my destiny, is at the bottom of the pit,’ repeat itself throughout in character of someone pleading in desperation. It also has the samples of saxophones as well as heavily effected vocals randomly appear throughout the song, signifying the chaos around the sufferer,” says Houg on the new song.

Houg’s influences range from Electronic acts like Gorillaz, Little Dragon & Bonobo in its electronic sound and sampling style, to New Wave artists like Tears for Fears & New Order for the synth sounds and lyrical style. He even has influences ranging from early Michael Jackson to DJ Shadow for his drums and beats.

Houg will be playing multiple shows in Melbourne from August, with a show at the Non DJ Showcase 9 on the 23rd of August at the Tago Mago Bar. He will also be playing at other local bars such as The Night Heron amongst others with dates to be confirmed. Website here, Facebook here.

'The Seas I See' is a creative and original piece. Houg's vocals are refreshing, the music rich with ideas & the production crisp & clear. It's also very addictive!


Superet - Who Is This Guy.

Background - Los Angeles rock band Superet today shared their frenetic new single "Who Is This Guy". The song, was mixed by Dave Fridmann (Spoon, MGMT, Tame Impala).

Earlier this Summer, Superet supported Dreamcar on an East coast tour and Gang of Youths on a West coast tour, before returning to Los Angeles for a sold-out headline show at The Troubadour. Next month, the band will rejoin Dreamcar on a run of Southern California dates and will also be part of Echo Park Rising Festival. 

Superet is an American rock band that formed in Los Angeles, CA on Valentine's Day of 2016. Tattooed across the arm of singer/guitarist Matt Blitzer, the date marks both the project's genesis and the manifestation of the musical partnership between five close friends. Having collaborated in various iterations over the preceding years, Blitzer, along with Alex Fischel (keyboards), Sam KS (drums), Patrick Kelly (bass) and Isaac Tamburino (guitar, keyboards, percussion) present Superet as the culmination of their longstanding creative kinship. 

Snatched from the facade of a decrepit Los Angeles church (cult), the Latin word "superet" translates to "may it overflow," an apt description of the reclusive band's modus operandi. After quietly stockpiling eccentric, hook-laden rock gems behind closed doors, the group unveiled its blistering debut single "Pay It Later" in May of 2017. Website here.

Frantic beats, introduce 'Who Is This Guy' a track where every musical element seems to compete to provide a higher energy level. The vocal keep up & add even more to this two & a half minute blast of refreshingly beautiful music.