Five On Thursday: Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads - Siamese - Knife in the Water - Trementina - Ravines

Ruth Carp and The Fish Heads - I'm So Scared.

Background - Last week, Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads released "I'm So Scared," the first single from their upcoming album 'Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven.' The track speaks about the debilitating nature of anxiety, while the video captures Ruth Carp's isolationist attitude at a house party in Sydney's iconic suburb of Newtown.

Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads combine elements of Australiana, with shoegaze and psych rock. 'Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven' is the follow up to the band's debut EP, 'It's This Or The Noose'.

They will be on tour in the US this spring, with dates in Los Angeles, Austin (SXSW), Nashville, Chicago, New York, and more. Bandcamp here, Facebook here. Tour dates over on our tour page.

'I'm So Scared' might be described as lo-fi pysch rock, it's somewhere in that direction. The video and the song really do get across the sense of anxiety and just how much that can impact on any individual.


Siamese - Older Hands Prevail.

Background - Siamese shares new track "Older Hands Prevail" from their debut EP 'The Mesmerist'. Siamese is the glam rock band of four theatrically inclined friends from Dallas, TX. 

Mixing ominous art pop with opulent set design and deranged alter egos, their live show makes you feel like you could go out and invent a new color, or wear a leotard to work.

The group’s debut release The Mesmerist, tracked with producer Alex Bhore at the studio Elmwood Recording, is set for release March 3, 2017. With two monolithic bookends and a slew of twists in between, the record treks through the charming, soothing and savage, with lyrics inspired by sociopathic film characters and a few shades of identity crisis. Website here, Facebook here.

Our second song feature for Siamese, who continue to offer up original and intriguing art rock music. For the first half of the track 'Older Hands Prevail' it is a little more stripped back allowing the vocals to standout. It gradually develops into a fuller multi layered piece and a catchy one at that.


Knife in the Water - Sweet Gene.

Background - Knife in the Water began in the summer of 1997 in Austin. From the early stages their dark, quiet, avant-country was welcomed alongside Austin’s louder punk bands, despite the fact that their cinematic sensibilities, desolate sense of space, and woozy tension set them apart.

The Austin scene in the late 90s and early 00s was a hotbed of talent and they established themselves alongside Glorium and American Analog Set, toured with ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and Calexico, and released three records and an EP: Plays One Sound and Others (1998), Red River (1999), Crosspross Bells (2001), and Cut the Cord (2003).

On February 24 Sonic Surgery Records (an imprint of Super Secret Records) will reissue the band's haunting 1998 debut, Plays One Sound and Others, on vinyl for the first time. Remastered by Chicago Mastering Service, the album rings truer than ever.

Closely following the reissue of Plays One Sound and Others on February 24, Knife in the Water will be releasing their first new album in 14 years, Reproduction, which will be out on Keeled Scales March 3rd. Website here, Facebook here.

'Sweet Gene' is taken from the new album 'Reproduction' and is a beautiful and gentle track with soothing vocals and harmonies glistening above an indie rock soundtrack. It's from the really fine new album, and for vinyl lovers the reissue of Plays One Sound, deserves checking out at the least.


Trementina - Please, Let's Go Away.

Background - Trementina have announced theie new single, alongside a debut LP out March 24th On Burger Records, and SXSW Dates.

Trementina create music for lucid dreaming. It’s an intense, yet melancholic conjuring by art students and skaters from the damp forests of Valdivia, Chile, where the rainfall creates faded polaroids out of daily life. 

Valdivian shoegaze emerges from the fissures of their homeland. Isolated from urban static, Trementina has created a dizzying symphony that drowns you with noise, hallucinatory guitars, and beauty among chaos — which can be felt in the ethereal vocals of Vanessa Cea. 

Their third album, 810, is the evolutionary star-child of their sound, which first made contact with the U.S. in 2013, and then again in 2015 when their song “Hazy Youth” appeared on the now famous Ear to Ear Records’ shoegaze comp.

Recorded roughly 810 kilometers south of Santiago, during the cold winter, when the “sky is charcoal gray,” to borrow a line from DIY pioneer Martin Newell, 810 upgrades their sound from My Bloody Valentine-tinged haze on 2013’s Brilliant Noise [Vinyl Junkies], into a meditative experience that’s surreal, a “dream within a dream” — the byproduct of Cristobal Ortiz’s modulated guitar and the thick bass of Lucas Martinic. Facebook here, t
our dates over on our tour page.

Now as someone who experiences a considerable amount of lucid dreaming, I hadn't though of a musical accompaniment. 'Please, Let's Go Away' is a little to bright to call shoegaze, it is however a gorgeous track which might just help get my dreams back on track.


Ravines - Ordinary (EP).

Background - Indie/electronic duo Ravines share the release of their brand new EP Ordinary, featuring the single 'Breathe'. Ordinary is the third release by the band since their debut EP in 2013. Previous records have featured on MTV, TNT, TV3, Edge, ZM, Hauraki, George FM and more.

Ravines (formerly Ophelia) launched their first EP under the new name with a performance at Cassette Nine in Auckland, on February 3rd 2017. Ravines is a name inspired by the channels and routes music takes to reach people, reminiscent of streams of water through ravines. Their most varied release yet, Ordinary is a continuation of their ever evolving sound, showcasing dense electronic textures combined with rich orchestral scoring.

Ravines is the creation of composer/producer Patrick Shanahan and singer/song-writer Alex Louise. The pair began working together in late 2012 recording and mixing Alex’s original folk/acoustic tracks. Changing pace, they began experimenting with dubstep inspired soundscapes, drawing inspiration from the likes of Adventure Club and Purity Ring to begin crafting their ambient, orchestral and beat-driven sound. They produced two EPs as Ophelia over two years and found their niche in the indie/electronic genre. Website here, Facebook here.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we featured 'Breathe' by the duo Ravines, and now we can share the EP 'Ordinary'. Comprising of five remarkable songs, any one of which could be a single, this is refined Indie electro music, that deserves to be heard.