Murder Murder - Darling West - Men of North Country - A Valley Son

Murder Murder - I've Always Been a Gambler.

Background - Murder Murder is a full string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. 

The new single/video "I've Always Been A Gambler" is the first from their upcoming LP Wicked Lines and Veins which will be released this September.

The track is a fast-paced, dobro-driven song about an angry drifter in a card game who can’t stand the sight of the man across the table from him. While an original tune, it references two classic gambling folk songs - “Jack of Diamonds” and “The Cuckoo”. Facebook here.

Natural "outlaw country" style vocals are supported by some fabulous music on 'I've Always Been a Gambler' a trailblazing song, which as the song title and video pretty much confirms - is about gambling. Even if this type of music isn't usually your "thing", give it a listen just to appreciate the intricate and vibrant musicianship.


Darling West - After My Time.

Background - The last twelve months of Darling West’s musical career can't be described as anything other than fantastic. Since the release of their second album, "Vinyl and a Heartache", they have played concerts all over the world, been playlisted on the biggest radio stations in Norway, appeared on the Top 100 Country charts in the US, amassed more than 2.5 million plays on Spotify, been booked for the biggest festivals in Norway, Americanafest in Nashville, and won a Norwegian Grammy.

Despite all this, the band have no plans of resting on their laurels, and now they’re releasing two songs from a new album they plan to release in early 2018. "While I Was Asleep" and "After My Time" were recorded with Bård Ingebrigtsen in Amper Tone Studios, Oslo, and were mixed by Marcus Forsgren (Jaga Jazzist).

This is the sound of a new and revitalised Darling West. The band are still playing their sweet americana / country / folk, but there’s a lot more drive in the music and the melodies are catchier than before.

The band said: "After My Time" is one of the few songs we have written in our apartment in Oslo. It does something to you when you read about human destinies and experiences you hardly can imagine. It’s difficult to take in, but at the same time it’s important to not shut it out." Facebook here.

Melodic, inviting vocals and harmonies are at the forefront on 'After My Time' a song that mixes a number of Americana styles and does so with panache.


Men of North Country - Lost Tobacco Road.

Background - Mod-soul band Men Of North Country release their new single Lost Tobacco Road, taken from their second full length record This City (Acid Jazz Records) on August 11th. It's a Bondian horn-driven affair of a winding adventure gone sour.

Emerging from the small soul scene of Tel Aviv, Israel, Men Of North Country bring a fresh approach to creating the perfect three-minute soul nugget. Originally started by chance when soul DJ Yashiv Cohen was overheard singing along to the 45’s he was spinning; the band have now released two full length albums on Acid Jazz Records - The North (2012) and This City (2016) - garnering glowing reviews along the way. 

The band featured live in session on the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6 Music (also heard on Lauren Laverne’s ‘Best Live Music on BBC6 2016’ show). Website here, Facebook here.

'Lost Tobacco Road' is a powerful, funky song that has some realistic sixties UK Mod vibes, alongside top quality musicianship in the shape of rhythm driven horns, and a band that are energised and passionate.


A Valley Son - The World, It Moves.

Background - “The World, It Moves”, the second new single from A Valley Son’s debut full-length But The World Moves (out September 8th). The song is a careening track from the soulful Southern-gothic rock crew that recounts frontman Trey Powell’s days of growing up in the rural tidal plains of Virginia and staving off boredom by whatever means necessary. The song follows the album’s raucous lead single “Leaving Is Easy.”

But The World Moves is the follow-up to A Valley Son’s critically-acclaimed debut Sunset Park EP, that came out in January, solidifying the band as one that puts songwriting, emotion and musicianship back at the forefront. With three of the four members growing up in the South and eventually migrating to New York City, the songs are heavily influenced by the experiences gained after their arrival. The record attempts to reconcile the world of one's youth with the one we call home as adults, all while dealing with what it means for the people we become. The core question being, does anyone ever really get away?

These are not a collection of somber acoustic ruminations, but raucous songs that pull heavily from the Southern soul, rock and gospel tradition that each of the members grew up on. Just like with their captivating live performances, the band (Trey Powell, Seth Nicholson, Steve Bowen and Nate Osborne) sets a tone from the first track that tries to transport the listener back and forth between the past and the present seamlessly, in the hopes that the line between memory and reality are blurred. Facebook here.

Our second feature for A Valley Son in a matter of weeks, this time with the latest offering from the forthcoming album, the second single 'The World, It Moves'. It's another example of just how good the album is, where southern rock & soulful grooves are delivered with commitment and heartfelt determination. The album should and deserves to have wide appeal, highly recommended to lovers of these genres.