Mott The Hoople - Santa Monica Civic Auditorium - 1974

This is a very good copy of the classic Mott The Hoople bootleg, known on a double (original version vinyl) album as 'Rest In Peace' and on CD as 'Flash And Crash'.

The 'boot' notes suggest the concert recording was performed on the 13th April, however the poster from the gig, gives the concerts (matinee and evening or was it evening and very late evening?) as Friday 12th April 1974, perhaps they performed over two days at this venue.

The venue itself, was definitely the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, USA.

Whatever! it was a long time ago, mind you, the support act seems familiar...

Source: FM Radio Broadcast (stereo local station).

Sound Quality: Very good - and as I understand from CD rip, hey just listen).

Genre: Rock, Hard and Boogie, Glam Rock (ouch I hate that expression).

Set: Not complete. This version of the show was edited to accommodate the Cd's running time, and omits the Jupiter intro, Here Comes The Queen (with guitarist Ariel Bender on vocals) and Born Late 58 (with bassist Overend Watts on vocals).

Set List: (this edition).

1. American Pie

2. Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll
3. Sucker
4. Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane
5. Rest In Peace
6. One Of The Boys
7. Hymn For The Dudes
8. Marionette
9. Drivin' Sister/Crash Street Kidds
10. Violence
11. All The Way From Memphis
12. All The Young Dudes
13. Walkin' With A Mountain

Links: The 'official' site recently developed for the bands 40th anniversary London gigs scheduled (and sold out) for October 2009, has a great selection of other links, and of course is of interest in it's own right. - Just click HERE. Wikipedia history HERE.

Comments: This has been copied from a Mott The Hoople fan site.

The show (the second that day!) finds Ian struggling with bronchitis, but this is only noticeable at the start of the set. Sucker bristles with menace as always, and the Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane coupling is always a delight. Hymn For The Dudes is another delight before the band launch into Marionette - brutal on record and visually totally stunning. They then crank up the octane even more for the medley Drivin' Sister/Crash Street Kidds/Violence.

The same article goes on to recommend this concert as the best bootleg available for Mott The Hoople, in terms of sound quality and content.

Was it just five short years (1969 - 1974) that Mott The Hoople did their thing ? As reforming goes, you have to hand it to them !

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Anonymous said…
Thanks Mike, This is a great sounding boot and I want to say thanks for sharing this and all the work you do on your blog. "Q"
Anonymous said…
Well, damn: m4a.

I wish I could have listened to this great set.
Anonymous said…
get a nero player google and they are free, so you can listen dude
Hope you don't mind the heads up.

I've popped quite a few Hunter / Mott live stuff on my blog.
JohnnyCanRock said…
I will be flying to London from Vancouver for the reunion shows in October. You can follow my adventures in my blog, "Mottober"
Unknown said…
I was at the April 13, 1974 concert. It was in Winterland in SF. Aerosmith opened the show, followed by BTO. I was a huge Mott fan and when they came out on stage and Ian Hunter said, "Fuck you, San Francisco" my heart sank. What was up with that??? I was 16 and never forgot that show.
BillyBob said…
Can you tell me what Mott site you got this from?
Beehive Candy said…
Download Link:

Password: bigreup15-051#

Reloaded 29/May/2015

Beehive Candy
Unknown said…
I saw this show and as you said Marionette was visually stunning. Not impressed by Mick Jagger wannabe Steven Tyler but time proved me wrong, I guess.