Genre Wander: Avakhan - Firebug - MV & EE - Terence Jack

Avakhan - Just Let Go.

Background promo - Swedish female fronted indie-pop Avakhan share latest single 'Just Let Go' + Album coming 2017. Written and produced by the band, their latest single Just Let Go is an upbeat, feel-good pop tune. An outrageously addictive chorus paired with Tegan And Sara - esque vibrant vocals is the perfect combination for what feels like a summery hit. The piece is taken from their upcoming album to be released in 2017.

It all began when Ava, Kristoffer and Joakim met in Stockholm and started a band touring clubs and festivals. After many celebrated concerts it was not long until they were the labeled as “Sweden’s best unsigned live band” by a Swedish Idol Judge on Channel Four. After they released their debut album it’s not what you believe in which one of Sweden’s greatest jazz musicians Magnus Lindgren collaborated on it. Website here.

'Just Let Go' has all the right ingredients for a fine, melodic indie pop song. It's good to here a Swedish band, where the vocalist does not adopt a mid Atlantic accent, for me, it feels more from the heart.


Firebug - For The Love.

Background - At a time when society seems hellbent on working itself to death just to get a paycheck, New Orleans psychedelic indie rockers Firebug are committed to pursuing their passions, no matter the cost. Frontwoman Juliette Tworsey calls Firebug’s soulful new single, “For the Love,” an ode to “doing what you love, no matter how difficult, simply because you love it.”

“For the Love” is the first single from Firebug’s upcoming full-length album, Homeostasis. Co-produced by Chris Goss (Queens of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys), Homeostasis is set for a 2016 release. More information on Homeostasis and Firebug is available on the band’s official website.

Fueled by Tworsey and multi-instrumentalist Jules Shapiro, Firebug embrace a variety of musical genres, including soul, ’60s/’70s rock, ’90s alternative, and modern rock. Tworsey’s charismatic presence helps the outspoken singer stand out, earning her comparisons to rock icons Chrissie Hynde and Grace Slick.

Based in New Orleans, Tworsey and Shapiro are inspired by the city itself and its rich musical history. Upon their arrival in New Orleans from Los Angeles, the duo performed as street musicians in the French Quarter. “We met so many talented musicians on the street,” Shapiro remembers. “It was a real awakening for us. New Orleans has inspired new ideas that we’ve incorporated into our sound and our songwriting.” Bandcamp here.

Juliette Tworsey really can deliver rootsy soulful vocals as 'For The Love' demonstrates. This is a passionate and powerful song, with both vocals and an equally superb musical performance pumping things up, something akin to The Black Crowes with a female vocalist! (now there's a thought - followed by a swift apology to Chris Robinson).


MV & EE - Feel Alright.

Background - "MV & EE take their homespun hypnotics and cosmic country sounds to new levels on Root/Void. I love this album - it trips hard and hauntingly - a gift for languid golden afternoons or late night moonlight powwows. 

Anthem-worthy tape edits on some cuts crack open surreal and cinematic vistas. While joined by fellow travelers here and there, this LP remains in essence a fecund duet from two entwined souls, updating and re-defining their unique pool of sound. Intrepid audio bathers: get thee immersed!" - Lee Ranaldo Italy, July 2016

MV & EE - LP / digital - pre-order here. Release Date: Oct. 7, 2016.

I like the description "cosmic country" and for 'Feel Alright' it's just so right. The video paints a picture of just what that means, so more cosmic country please.


Terence Jack - Errors.

Background - Choral swells and cascading guitar riffs envelope the triumphant new single 'Errors. 

As with the previous single, Eastern Rise, Jack partnered with producer and fellow Vancouverite, Daniel Klenner (We Are the City, Tourist Company, Hey Ocean), to write and co-produce the song.

Errors was conceived during a wine jam-session and evolved from a punchy riff to the full-bodied song in The Space studio with Daniel. Errors details the bitter-sweetness of leaving someone, or being left, in favour of chasing dreams. The departure, the return, and the ride reflect that concept.

"We just succumbed to the poppiness of the song and served the song. The bridge was added last and turned out to be my favourite part of the whole record."

Summer engulfed Terence in a 45-day tour and a ton of festivals. He'll be heading back to the studio to work on his next full-length album soon, due for release in 2017. Facebook here.

Second time this year on Beehive Candy for Terence Jack and the brand new song 'Errors'. Once again we are treated to his distinct and pleasing vocals, against a solid alt rock background. Next years full length is likely to create considerable interest, if this years material is anything to go by.