Genesis - Turn The Cash On Again

I have always liked Genesis. They are so easy to knock, ex public schoolboys who made good, through progressive rock, circa early 1970's.

Concept albums, followed by intelligent musical pieces, with complicated chord and time changes.

Add to that Phil Collins solo music that gradually descended to the depths of bland for bland's sake.

The fashion and dance sense of .... You remember why punk happened don't you ?

Like I say I have always liked Genesis, with a few exceptions. So I wish them well on this years tour, and look forward to the superb digital remixes of their material to follow.

For those of us, that missed out on tickets (that were already expensive), and who are currently falling over with laughter, at the prices some mugs are paying on EBay, or the modern day ticket touts on the web - 'who have managed to source exclusive tickets' are charging, here's a couple of excellent live songs.

Both from the 1978 tour, and of the highest quality (soundboard - stereo boots no less). If you are going to one of this years concerts, and they don't play one of these, demand your money back !

Genesis - 3rd June 1978 - Palais Des Sports - Dijon France - The Cinema Show.mp3.

Genesis - 3rd June 1978 - Palais Des Sports - Dijon France - Ripples.mp3

As far as I understand this is from the first generation bootleg (from here on in on this blog lets call em boots), and the sound desk on the tour was really advanced for the time. Whatever the sound quality is superb.

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Now I must try and move on from the prog rock trend, that has sadly emerged so early in this blogs short life.