Pink Floyd - Animal Moments

When 'Animals' was first released, I was disappointed, I expected another ' Dark Side of the Moon'.
Over time however, I have to say that Animals has become a Pink Floyd favorite of mine. Sadly the live material of this album has been pretty poor in quality down the years.
Not surprising really, the American leg of the tour to promote this album was not a happy affair, which must have been clear at a number of concerts, and audience recordings from that time were generally pretty poor.

I doubt the sound engineers were keen to risk the wrath of Roger Waters, however apparently there is an excellent sound desk recording somewhere, and here is a public grovel, for a copy if anyone can shed light on this.

Having laboured the quality point, I have two good copies of Animals live namely, 'With Bright Knives' and 'Animal Instincts'.

Cutting to the chase a pretty decent version of Sheep is available via the following link.

Pink Floyd - Sheep - Live.mp3

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