The Faces - Live In London - 1973

Think about it? A band comes together from the pedigree of The Small Faces, and The Jeff Beck Group, during the late 1960's.

They are all broadly inspired by R&B, Blues, and good old rock'n'roll, and like a drink or two before, during, and after any concert. As a bonus each and every one of them can play their part to a very high standard.

I give you The Faces !

Against that background how can any band stay together for more than a few short years.

It is no wonder they were instant favorites of the UK's then premier DJ John Peel, and that their gig's have attained legendary status for concert goers of that time.

There is a good synopsis over on wikipedia (click HERE), that briefly captures The Faces history. This for me, with fond memories, was all about having a great time, unashamedly doing the rock'n'roll thing, with all the excesses, even if I was to young to actually join the party!

This is The Faces live at The Paris Theatre, London, on the 8th February 1973.

In Full Soundboard Stereo Quality enjoy:

1 Silicone Grown
2 Cindy Incidentally
3 Angel
4 Memphis Tennesee
5 True Blue
6 I'd Rather Go Blind
7 Your My Girl
8 Twistin The Night Away
9 It's All Over Now
10 Miss Judy's Farm
11 Maybe I'm Amazed
12 Three Button Hand Me Down
13 I'm Losing You


Revisit what made Rod Stewart, and Ron Wood really famous, remember with fondness the late Ronnie Lane, and understand why Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan have worked with so many top artists to this day.

Check out some remastered material and other Faces music HERE.


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