Heart - Portland Oregon 1987

Well would you believe it, I first heard the band Heart on Radio Caroline, and guess when? Yep in the 1970's!

They may have been given air time elsewhere in the UK, but the option of suffering The Bay City Rollers, Donny Osmond and possibly Cliff Richard's to eventually here them does not require consideration.

This is Heart some time later, 1987 to be precise, however I must apologise I do not have the actual day or month to hand.

This concert is from the tour supporting the release of 'Bad Animals' - not one of their best albums as far as I am concerned, and yet, they are on sparkling form here, and with plenty of other Heart material, very, very good!

Set list:

1. Bad animals
2. Wolf
3. Barracuda
4. Nothing at all
5. What about love
6. Dreamboat Annie
7. These dreams
8. Straight on
9. Who will you run to
10. Never
11. How can I refuse
12. Crazy on you
13. If looks could kill
14. Bebe le strange
15. Alone
16. Rock and roll

Quality is excellent - first generation FM stereo recording.

Replacement download link in comments below (02 March 2012).


Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for this gift.
Love the seventies period from Heart... but look forward to listen to this one.

Anonymous said…
Sure the sound is great !

By the way, download has 18 songs, any chance to know the titles for songs 17 and 18 ?

Anonymous said…
Not too often do I see live 80's Heart around the blogworld...Thanks for posting this one.
Anonymous said…
Track 17 is "City's Burning" (Private Audition LP 1982) and Track 18 is "Love Mistake" (Passionworks 1983)

Gotta love Anne's lungs on this live recording. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the information on last tracks !

Anonymous said…
the concert was August 2nd 1987 -Portland Coliseum.

original vinyl boot: "Heart Throb Portland'87"
Pharting Pharoah Records

Side 1: The Wolf, Barracuda, Nothin' At All
Side 2: What About Love, Dreamboat Annie, These Dreams, Straight On, Who Will You Run To
Side 3: Never, How Can I Refuse, Crazy On You, If Looks Could Kill
Side 4: Bebe Le Strange, Alone, Rock & Roll, City's Burning, Love Mistake
Anonymous said…
The links are deleted. If you could reup, that'd be great. Would love to hear this.

Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the reup. Much appreciation.

Anonymous said…
thank you so much for posting this gem! i can't wait to finally hear an early live version of 'alone'!

Juba.San said…
Absofuckinlutelly great concert...
Thanx for sharing, mate..all the best from Brazil
Juba.San said…
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Brazilian Non-Whiner said…
Thanks - great show!

Megaupload is just fine (anything but rapidshit!)

Please keep up the good work and remember to ignore ungrateful asshats whining about which host you use.
Anonymous said…
Let's hear it.
Anonymous said…
I hope it's great
Beehive Candy said…
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Anonymous said…
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Beehive Candy said…