A Trip With The Beatles - Ultimate Live Masters

In my own humble opinion the following live Beatles recordings are incredible.

Boots from the early 1960's are often disappointing, and for obvious reasons. They are not official, they are copies of copies of copies... you get the point!

The equipment used (even if professional) had limitations, often the crowd noise is more dominant and... OK this is over kill - point made !!!

However very recently some new tape sources of The Beatles have emerged, which are close to pristine for their time.

You may note the odd speed fluctuation or adjustment as some very tender remastering has been undertaken. However this is very much The Beatles as they sounded live in 1963 and 1964. It is a must for any Beatles fan, or fan of early guitar rock bands.

This is the track order:

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - OCTOBER 24, 1963 (From best known source to date).
1. Intro 0'46''
2. I Saw Her Standing There 2'46''
3. From Me To You 2'01''
4. Money (That's What I Want) 2'59''
5. Roll Over Beethoven 2'19''
6. You Really Got A Hold On Me 3'07''
7. She Loves You 2'30''
8. Twist And Shout 2'47''

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 7, 1963 (From a newly discovered tape source)
9. I Want To Hold Your Hand 2'07''
10. Intro - Money (That's What I Want) 3'51''
11. Twist And Shout 2'07''
12. From Me To You 1'15''

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 19, 1964 (From a newly discovered and much longer source tape).
13. Beatles' interview at the Bourget airport 0'45''
14. (Trini Lopez song) If I Had A Hammer 1'11''
15. Robert Marcy's comment 0'50''
16. From Me To You 1'52''
17. This Boy 2'25''
18. I Want To Hold Your Hand 2'27''
19. She Loves You 2'49''
20. Twist And Shout 2'38''
21. Robert Marcy's comment 0'33''
22. I Saw Her Standing There 2'42''
23. This Boy (partial) 0'07''
24. Twist And Shout 2'35''
25. From Me To You (incomplete instrumental) 0'25''
26. Long Tall Sally 1'54''
27. From Me To You (incomplete instrumental) 0'07''
28. From Me To You 1'57''

I think I have made the point - sound quality as good as you can get, the actual performances, totally Beatles at that time !!!


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My thanks to 'It's Just Me' for making this material available. Feedback on this one more than welcome. More Beatles material to follow, that may well top this! So check back soon...


Thank you for any unknown Beatles post! You can understand what a high opinion we have of the Beatles just reading the opening lines of our blog Friendly Fire! Please go on with your posting work of these splendid recordings... See you here and there...
Catasto Elettrico
Anonymous said…
..ohhh myyy dog! this is so cool...what energy!...there is so much joy in the lads..they're on fire and dig that Ringo what a powerhouse drummer...the vocals are chilling. The Swedish stuff is fantastic the rest is not that good...
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Catasto Elettrico.
Trustar said…
Looking forward to hearing these.

Thanks for sharing


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Beehive Candy said…