Happy Mondays - Live in London 1992

I remember well, seeing the Happy Mondays live at Wembley stadium in London back in 2000. They were supporting Oasis, and in my opinion by far, the better of the two bands.

This was the second incarnation of the Happy Mondays who had split back in 1992. Alas they split up again soon after this gig, however if you excuse the pun they again went out on a 'high'.

Back to 1992, when having cost the indie label Factory an estimated £250.000.00 for their, then new album 'Yes Please' the band toured in support of the album.

Sadly the album failed to achieve the financial success of previous material, and with both New Order's album 'Ceremony', and the label owned Hacienda Club also costing Factory Records an 'arm and a leg' the label went bust, and the Happy Mondays went the same way.

This concert was recorded by the BBC for broadcast prior to the band splitting up. Despite all the troubles of that year, this is a fine concert, and well worth a listen.

Recorded at The Kilburn National - London on the 26th October 1992, by BBC Radio, and with 320Kbps stereo quality, this is a must have for anyone who needs a little lift.

Set List:

2.Loose fit.
4.Kinky afro.
5.Sunshine and love.
6.Cowboy Dave.
7.Stinkin' thinkin'.
10.Theme from Netto.

I am really pleased that the Happy Mondays are again back together, and despite the fact that years of 'substance' use may have taken their toll on some, and the fact that none of the band are getting 'any younger', they remain a superb live band, along with the legacy of some stunning songs that epitomise all things Madchester, along with the UK's 1980's psychedelic and dance scene.

If you have not visited their very excellent website with online live videos and more click HERE.

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Anonymous said…
Hi, your first link Happy Mondays - Kilburn National 1992.rar, doesn't work.
Anyway, thanks for the post
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing Mike. I recognize the name but I can't remember ever hearing any of their songs. Interested to see what they sound like. Martin from Canada.
Anonymous said…

This is a great concert - thanks very much. I don't appear to get tracks 6 and 8 though??
Anonymous said…
Hi ! Thanks for that... but please give us "Hallelujah" and "Cowboy Dave". Good work here, very fine things. Thanks.
Beehive Candy said…
Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8am434pwnz0yprb/BCHML92-0615.7z

Password: bigreup15-069#

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