Simon and Garfunkel - Voices of Intelligent Dissent

1968 and Simon and Garfunkel were riding high in the charts both with contributions to the 'Graduate soundtrack', and the release of their album 'Bookends' along with hit singles both sides of the Atlantic.

This is Simon And Garfunkel Live At The Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, USA on the
23rd August 1968.

Probably intended as an official live album, the original concert recording was engineered by Al Kooper, however it eventually surfaced as a boot, on Vigotone (VT-124) under the title 'Voices of Intelligent Dissent'.

Set List:

1. (2:57) Mrs Robinson
2. (2:35) Homeward Bound
3. (4:38) April Come She Will
4. (3:06) Fakin' It
5. (2:35) Overs
6. (1:39) The 59th Street Bridge song
7. (4:30) America
8. (2:46) A Most Peculiar Man
9. (3:12) I Am A Rock
10. (2:07) At The Zoo
11. (3:50) Scarborough Fair
12. (2:19) Bye Bye Love
13. (5:16) Cloudy
14. (2:43) Leaves That are Green
15. (2:23) Punky's Dilemma
16. (3:27) Benedictus
17. (2:44) The Dangling Conversation
18. (3:35) For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her
19. (2:01) A Poem On The Underground Wall
20. (2:29) Anji
21. (3:26) The Sound Of Silence
22. (2:50) Richard Cory
23. (3:31) Old Friends
24. (3:07) He Was My Brother

Paul Simon : guitar / vocals.
Art Garfunkel : vocals.
Engineered be Al Kooper.

This is from the Soundboard, professionally mixed and taken from a 'silver CD' copy.

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