Devo - Live in Boston USA 1982

The Devo credentials 'are all there'.

The pivotal moment for the formation of Devo was the first hand witnessing by one of the bands founders Gerald Casale of the Kent State University shootings of May 4, 1970.

The first form of Devo was the 'Sextet Devo' which performed at the 1973 Kent State performing arts festival.

They are 'discovered' by David Bowie and Iggy Pop in 1976, and subsequently record 'Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!' which was produced by Brian Eno.

They are referenced as 'punk', 'new wave', 'post punk', 'art rock', and into the 1980's as the acceptable face of 'synth pop'. That's not a bad selection of street credibility references in any ones books is it?

There is so much to Devo, that I am going to take the easy way out, and provide a link HERE to wikipedia.

Actually I have read through it and learned a lot more, and of course been reminded of the fantastic visual appearance(s) they have created down the years.

This is Devo coming towards the end of their initial success story.

Within the next couple of years although they would remain firm favorites of music critics, they would see a drop in record sales and a three year hiatus began from late 1984.

So from their 'golden days' this is Devo Live at The Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, USA, on the 11th November 1982.

Set List:

1. Time Out For Fun (4:18)
2. Patterns (2:57)
3. Speed Racer (2:39)
4. Big Mess (2:43)
5. Peek-A-Boo (4:33)
6. Out Of Sync (3:31)
7. That's Good (3:36)
8. Freedom Of Choice Theme (2:39)
9. Whip It (2:37)
10. Girl u Want (4:52)
11. Planet Earth (2:29)
12. Deep Sleep (3:32)
13. Jocko Homo (3:07)
14. Uncontrollable Urge (1:05)
15. Gates Of Steel (3:11)
16. Smart Patrol / Mr. Dna (7:05)
17. Gut Feeling (3:41)

'Jocko Homo' and 'Uncontrollable Urge' have been edited, I know not why! 'Beautiful World' was also performed at this gig, but is missing from the bootleg.

The sound quality is superb. Without wanting to get technical here are the notes that came with this recording.

Soundboard to 'unknown' to Nakamichi Dragon to Turtle Beach Pinnacle Pro to Sound forge to
FLAC front end to mp3. Average bitrate: 266kbps, channels: stereo.

The final editors comments are 'Even though there are a couple analog generations on this one, this is easily the best sounding DEVO boot that I've heard. The only modifications I did was a slight hiss reduction in soundforge'.

I understand this level of detail pleases some, so if I have it, I am happy to share it. I will just settle for what my ears tell me, oh! and those tiny voices that follow me around from time to time, what? you don't hear them ???

Reloaded - 29/May/2015 - download link in comments.

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Anonymous said…
cheers! kool show, you're really batting a hundred.. procol now devo.. wonderful.. merry xmas, indeed!! harpersbazaar
Anonymous said…
I have this show dated as 11.11.81
Anonymous said…
Tanks for da killa DEVO.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this Mike. Martin from Canada.
Anonymous said…

Saw this DEVO tour pull through LA at the Universal Amphitheater - Dec. '82, my first concert ever. I was 12 and I was with my mom. It was uncool to be with there with yr mom, but it was fucking DEVO - I didn't care. The set list was really, really similar - maybe the same? They definitely started with "Time Out For Fun" and I can still remember how FUCKING LOUD it all was (loud synths are particularly hard on the ears). They did all that timesync interaction with stuff on a huge video backdrop, like with the Big Pirate in "Speed Racer". Nuts!

Still have my T-shirt from that show, though it's about the size of my fist now. Great tape - thanks for the reminder.
Anonymous said…
thanks for some devo - timo
Anonymous said…
Muito obrigado!!

Anonymous said…
Please re-up!

Thank you!!!
Beehive Candy said…
Download Link:

Password: bigreup15-042#

Reloaded 29/May/2015

Beehive Candy
Anonymous said…
Thank you for re-upload!!!