Heart - Chicago USA 1976

This is Heart Live in Chicago, USA, on the 3rd August 1976.

This boot has been called 'Heart'n'Zeppelin' for obvious reasons, tracks one, three, and five are all Led Zeppelin covers, which for Heart fans would, I imagine, make this something of a collectors item.

This recording was from a single CD, with some obvious editing, however this remains a feisty performance with an excellent collection of songs.

Band line up was:

Ann Wilson - lead vocals
Nancy Wilson - guitar and vocals
Roger Fisher - lead guitar
Howard Leese - guitar
Michael Derosier - drums
Steven Fossen - bass guitar

Set list:

1. Rock 'n roll
2. Heartless
3. The Battle Of Evermore
4. White Lightning & Wine
5. The Rover
6. Devil's Delight
7. Magic Man
8. Crazy On You
9. Barracuda

The recording is stereo soundboard sourced and good quality.



Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this. Martin from Canada.
Anonymous said…
Before she discovered too much food, Nancy Wilson was one gorgeous babe with an amazing voice. How about Crazy on You as one of the best songs ever. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I love it when artists go beyond the normal scope of their music. Sammy Hager was always good for throwing in a Led Zeppelin song during his shows. Thanks very much for this! - Paul
Anonymous said…
Can you please repost the links for the Heart Concerts, neither are working.

Thanks you,

Tony Fassio
Beehive Candy said…
REPLACEMENT LINK (29/05/2010):



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Anonymous said…
Hey guys - here's another link that will not work for us. A treasure, coming so early in their career with the original lineup. Hope it can work again.