Madonna - Barcelona Spain - 1990

This is Madonna live on the 1990 Blond Ambition Tour.

This particular show from the 31st July 1990 was performed at the Estadi Olímpic, Barcelona, Spain, and featured a seven minutes long extravagant fireworks display after the show.
The show apparently had a few glitches.
Numerous technical mistakes included Madonna forgetting part of the lyrics to "Sooner or Later" and "Material Girl," and getting her monocle caught on her head-microphone at the beginning of "Express Yourself".

Not realizing that her headset microphone was still live as she exited the stage after "Where's the Party," resulted in her command at a backstage crew member to "Get the f### out of my f#####' way" and complaints about the oppressive heat to be broadcast to the audience while the dancers performed during the closing of the number.
Also, at the end of "Holiday" a man came on stage and put a shirt on Madonna to promote a product as Madonna commented "Anybody gonna arrest this man?"
Later, in the beginning of "Keep It Together", she told her audience, "Strange people walk on my stage, they put s### on me, I can't hear myself...I'd like to f####g kill somebody."
All this and the fact the overall tour was controversial in its own right - Marvelous stuff !!!

Sound quality: The show was taped and aired on television in Europe and Australia, and this is a pristine audio stereo soundboard copy of the show for your pleasure.

Set List:

01. Express Yourself
02. Open your Heart
03. Causing a Commotion
04. Where's the Party
05. Like a Virgin
06. Like a Prayer
07. Live to Tell
08. Oh Father
09. Papa Don't Preach
10. Sooner or Later
11. Hanky Panky
12. Now I'm Following You
13. Material Girl
14. Cherish
15. Into the Groove
16. Vogue
17. Holiday
18. Keep it Together

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