INXS - Concert For Life - Sydney Australia 1992

I was one of 72000 people who enjoyed INXS at Wembley Stadium, London, eight months prior to this concert.

They were pretty cool in London, and still rocking, when they got back home to Australia at this event.

The London concert was released officially, this boot really compliments that release.

Their Sydney performance was broadcast locally on FM, however their final song of the show was not aired. A rare audience recording of the last song has been included here for completeness, and is a must for any INXS fan.

This then is INXS performing at the Concert for Life, in Centennial Park, Sydney on the 28th March 1992.

Set list:

01. Guns in the Sky
02. Send a Message
03. The Stairs
04. Mystify
05. Bitter Tears
06. Taste It
07. Need You Tonight
08. Mediate
09. Disappear
10. All Around
11. Suicide Blonde
12. What You Need
13. Kick
14. Never Tear Us Apart
15. Baby Don't Cry (Audience - partially remastered)

With the exception of the final track this is an excellent FM stereo recording at 192kbps.

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X said…
Thanks for post this concert, i have it, is highly recommended to every INXS fan, for sure, a friend of mine, Rune, share this concert and was the person who has remastered "Beautiful Girl" which is a beautiful song!


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aminxs said…
many many thanks!
Anonymous said…
The INXS Worldwide! Forum has change, now it's available here:

See you there!
Anonymous said…
I was 16 and was there in all glory! Yothu Yindi ROCKED!! INXS was my fave at the time and didn't disappoint! Michael Hutchence kicked a tennis ball into the crowd and I caught it!!!

Davo, Brissie
Beehive Candy said…
Download Link:

Password: bigreup15-057#

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Beehive Candy