Whats Up Doc - Number Nine - April 2008

A second helping of 'Whats Up Doc' this month, exclusively for The Puppini Sisters.

OK I am a little late as their second album was released in February, and yes, they have received considerable attention in the UK media, however just in case you have missed them, here's an unashamed plug from the Beehive!

The Puppini Sisters led the British retro wave in 2006 with their 1940’s-influenced blend of pop with swing, a gorgeous sense of glamour, and fun.

Their debut record, Betcha Bottom Dollar, was the fastest selling jazz debut in Britain on its release, also debuting at number 2 on the US jazz charts and in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Heatseekers chart.

In that vein, their second album The Rise & Fall Of Ruby Woo is a collection of highly original songs written by the trio, including “I Can’t Believe I’m Not A Millionaire” and “Jilted,” as well as extraordinary covers of tunes by artists ranging from Barry Manilow to BeyoncÈ. The Puppinis’ trademark watertight harmonies are still present, as is their love of and respect for music from a bygone era.

Watch 'I Can't Believe I'm Not A Millionaire'

Also check out the excellent track Jilted from the latest album:

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The Puppini Sisters - Jilted.mp3

And from their first album a pretty cool Blondie cover:

Puppini Sisters - Heart of Glass.mp3

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Check out their official website HERE.


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