Radiohead - Chicago - August 2008

This is Radiohead live at Lollapaloooza,
Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA, performing on the AT&T Stage, on Friday 1st August 2008.

Source: XM satellite stereo radio stream, full live coverage of the concert.

Sound Quality: Extremely good, stereo mixed for broadcast.

Genre: Indie rock - genuine unique style.

Set: Full Concert

Set List:

1. 15 Step
2. There There
3. All I Need
4. Nude
5. Arpeggi / Weird Fishes
6. The Gloaming
7. The National Anthem
8. Faust Arp
9. No Surprises
10. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
11. Reckoner
12. Lucky
13. The Bends
14. Everything In Its Right Place
15. Fake Plastic Trees
16. Bodysnatchers
17. Encore Break 1
18. Videotape
19. Paranoid Android
20. Dollars and Cents
21. House of Cards
22. Optimistic
23. Encore Break 2
24. 2+2=5
25. Idioteque

Links: Radiohead Official Site essential for anyone with a passing interest in the band. Also Wikipedia Radiohead for 'history' that's reasonably reliable.

Comments: I had great pleasure in travelling up to Manchester, England, on the 29th June 2008, to see Radiohead perform at the 'Old Trafford Cricket Ground' an excellent venue for a truly remarkable concert.

Support band(s) 'Bats For Lashes' and on this specific tour occasion 'MGMT' were highly enjoyable.

Radiohead were in a league of their own, and worth every penny of the 300 miles round trip, hotel bills, and my son who seemed to have sealed pockets, every time someone asked for money.

Hey Ho that's the generation gap for you. This concert is on a par with the Manchester gig, and with personal memories, comes with mega recommendations.

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