Starsailor - Buenos Aires - November 2007

This is Starsailor performing live at 'Festival Yeah' in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 2nd November 2007.

Source: Audio rip from local TV broadcast, at the time.

Sound Quality: Good stereo, mixed for broadcast, ripped to mp3.

Genre: Indie Rock - latter day Britpop.

Set: Running to just 50 minutes, I think this is the majority, or all, of their festival performance.

Set List:

1. Alcoholic
2. Fidelity/Umbrella
3. In The Crossfire
4. Tell Me It`s Not Over
5. Tie Up My Hands
6. Keep Us Together
7. Good Souls - Tomorrow Never Knows
8. Silence Is Easy - This Time - Dancing Queen
9. Four To The Floor
10. Four To The Floor (version).

Links: Starsailor official site HERE

Comments: If you like Starsailor this is a must, a polished gig, with lots of their best material, and more. Check their official site for details of the new album, and 2009 tour dates.

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