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Starsailor - Buenos Aires - November 2007

This is Starsailor performing live at 'Festival Yeah' in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the 2nd November 2007. Source: Audio rip from local TV broadcast, at the time. Sound Quality : Good stereo, mixed for broadcast, ripped to mp3. Genre : Indie Rock - latter day Britpop. Set: Running to just 50 minutes, I think this is the majority, or all, of their festival performance. Set List: 1. Alcoholic 2. Fidelity/Umbrella 3. In The Crossfire 4. Tell Me It`s Not Over 5. Tie Up My Hands 6. Keep Us Together 7. Good Souls - Tomorrow Never Knows 8. Silence Is Easy - This Time - Dancing Queen 9. Four To The Floor 10. Four To The Floor (version). Links : Starsailor official site HERE Comments : If you like Starsailor this is a must, a polished gig, with lots of their best material, and more. Check their official site for details of the new album, and 2009 tour dates. Buy Starsailor: Download MP3's with whole Starsailor albums for less than £5.00. Beehive S

Radiohead - Chicago - August 2008

This is Radiohead live at Lollapaloooza, Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA, performing on the AT&T Stage, on Friday 1st August 2008. Source: XM satellite stereo radio stream, full live coverage of the concert. Sound Quality: Extremely good, stereo mixed for broadcast. Genre: Indie rock - genuine unique style. Set: Full Concert Set List: 1. 15 Step 2. There There 3. All I Need 4. Nude 5. Arpeggi / Weird Fishes 6. The Gloaming 7. The National Anthem 8. Faust Arp 9. No Surprises 10. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 11. Reckoner 12. Lucky 13. The Bends 14. Everything In Its Right Place 15. Fake Plastic Trees 16. Bodysnatchers 17. Encore Break 1 18. Videotape 19. Paranoid Android 20. Dollars and Cents 21. House of Cards 22. Optimistic 23. Encore Break 2 24. 2+2=5 25. Idioteque Links: Radiohead Official Site essential for anyone with a passing interest in the band. Also Wikipedia Radiohead for 'history' that's reasonably reliable. Comments: I had great pleasure

Pulp - Glastonbury 1995

This is Pulp live at the Glastonbury Festival on the 24th June 1995. Source: Broadcast in UK on Channel Four TV and BBC Radio One. Sound Quality: Very Good, mixed from above sources. Genre: Indie Pop/Rock - Britpop. Set: Full concert. Set List: 01. Intro 02. Do You Remember the First Time 03. Razzamatazz 04. Monday Morning 05. Underwear 06. Sorted For E's and Whiz 07. Disco 2000 08. Joyriders 09. Acrylic Afternoons 10. Misshaps 11. Pink Glove 12. Babies 13. Common People 14. Something Changed 15. I Spy Links: Pulp Wiki Download Link in Comments Buy Pulp Mp3's at bargain prices Beehive MP3