Madness - Aqua Folies - New York 1983

This is a classic Madness bootleg originally circulated on CD as 'Aqua Folies' no doubt, as a result of the concert taking place at 'The Pier', Hudson River, New York City, USA.

This was part of their late summer (1983) USA tour, the actual gig took place on the 22nd August 1983.

Source: FM stereo broadcast, with advertisements and presenter links removed.

Sound Quality: Superb, 320kbps mp3 stereo version, fans and audio 'buffs' will not be disappointed.

Genre: Two Tone (how many record labels becomes a genre?), English Ska, OK it's great pop, that stands the test of time.

Set: Full set including encores, nicely edited as mentioned above.

Set List:

1. House Of Fun
2. Disappear
3. Close Escape
4. My Girl
5. Night Boat To Cairo
6. Tomorrows Dream
7. Razor Blade Alley
8. Tomorrows Just Another Day
9. Grey Day
10. Shut Up
11. Madness
12. Baggy Trousers
13. Our House
14. Madness (Is All In The Mind)
15. It Must Be Love
16. Primrose Hill
17. One Step Beyond

Links: A reasonably well rounded Wikipedia summary HERE. My Space (with forthcoming tour details) HERE.

Comments: I have only seen Madness live once, (in London, UK), and much later on than this.

I was absolutely 'blown away' by the fun, musical quality, showmanship, energy, and commitment, along with the fact that the audience very soon became a part of the whole event.

This concert does justice to that memory. There's probably a little more adrenalin and raw talent, and a tad less 'audience interaction' than they get on home soil, but all in all, it confirms to me they have been a consistently great band since those early, ground breaking days in the latter 1970's.

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