Nick Lowe - Live In New York - 1985

This is Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit (featuring Paul Carrack), Live at The Ritz Theatre, New York, on the 19th October 1985.

Source: WNEW 102.7FM stereo broadcast.

Sound Quality: Stereo very good 'off air' recording - first generation.

Genre: Pub Rock, New Wave, from rock to country to soul to pop.

Set: Majority of concert (cannot confirm if WNEW edited out any stage of the gig).

Set List:

1. Raging Eyes 2:37
2. She Don't love Nobody 3:43
3. Cracking Up 2:41
4. Mary Provost 2:58
5. One Woman Man 2:11
6. Saint Beneath The Paint 3:26
7. Your My Wildest Dream 3:06
8. Shake And Pop 4:03
9. Tempted 4:03
10. Cruel To Be Kind 3:43
11. Rose Of England 3:30
12. Darling Angel Eyes 2:41
13. Seven Nights OF Rock 3:12
14. I Knew The Bride 3:10
15. I Need You 3:28
16. How Long 6:44
17. Half A Boy 2:59

Links: Very good Wikipedia synopsis HERE. Official site HERE.

Comments: Nick Lowe is one of those artists, that I assume is always busy doing something.

Either touring, producing, creating, always an individual, busy in the very 'engine room' of rock'n'roll.

These day's he can fill London's Albert Hall for live shows rather than a sweaty, smoke filled pub venue, somewhere in the suburbs.

Take a look at the Wikipedia article if you have five minutes, and remind yourself of his creative achievements, influence, and down to earth pretentious free career. If only more rock'n'roll stars were like this !

Download link in comments below.

A selection of Nick's CD's are available at Amazon - Nick Lowe


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