Arcade Fire - White Session 2005

This is Arcade Fire performing live for France Inters 'White Session' back on the 9th March 2005. I read somewhere that the difference between the White and Black sessions on France Inter was that the White session was without an audience, well there is clearly an audience here so who knows.

There is also a French presenter that likes to get his voice heard between songs, I am sure you could edit him out fully but in fairness he does stop before they start a new number.

Source: FM Stereo

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@224kbps

Genre: Indie Rock, Post Punk, Baroque.

Set: Full set

Set List:

01 - Wake Up
02 - Neighborhood (Laika)
03 - No Cars Go
04 - Une Année Sans Lumière
05 - Power Out
06 - Rebellion
07 - Neighborhood (Kettles)
08 - Crown Of Love
09 - Neighborhood (Tunnels)

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Comments: The session was recorded at Maison de la Radio, Studio 106, White Session
Paris, France, on the 9th March 2005 and subsequently broadcast on France Inter on the 5th May 2005. This is a really feisty performance from Arcade Fire once again demonstrating just what a superb band they are. I know this has been in circulation as a boot for some time however this really is a fine audio copy.

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Nico said…
Thank you very much for this excellent post. Love the Arcade Fire, and I have seen a video of a Paris gig, with a set list very similar to this (probably the same). Thanks a lot also for you excellent work in this blog.
Cheerz, N
Beehive Candy said…
Download Link:

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Beehive Candy