Gong - Live In Norway 1974

This is the classic line up of Gong performing live in Oslo, Norway back on the 15th December 1974.

For the uninitiated Gong are a Franco-British progressive/psychedelic rock band formed by Australian musician Daevid Allen.

Between 1973 and 1974, Gong, now augmented by guitarist Steve Hillage, released their best-known work, the "Radio Gnome Trilogy", three records that expounded upon the (previously only hinted at) Gong mythology, Flying Teapot, Angel's Egg, and You.

In 1975 the band line began to alter and key members of the group moved on.

Source: Soundboard

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps

Genre: Progressive rock, psychedelic rock, space rock, jazz fusion

Set: Full set (unable to confirm).

Set List:

01. Invocation [06:13]
02. Master Builder [07:00]
03. A Perfect Mystery [02:59]
04. Tropical Fish [07:13]
05. I Never Did Before [07:56]
06. White Christmas [00:28]
07. Solar Musik Suite pt. 1 [06:09]
08. Solar Musik Suite pt. 2 [03:42]
09. Flute Salad [09:35]
10. Oily Way [03:10]
11. Outer Temple [03:51]
12. Inner Temple [05:16]
13. A Sprinkling of Clouds [02:30]

Links: Official Site HERE.

Comments: This year has seen the classic Gong line up reunite and record a brand new (and quite funky) album entitled 2032. I first discovered the band through there initial British release of Camembert Electrique which was given a belated UK release in late 1974. It was priced at 59p (that was the price of a typical single rather than an album), ensuring that sufficient numbers were sold for the album to chart had it not been barred from the charts for being so cheap.

I discovered this concert on another site and as a long time fan of Pothead Pixies, Flying Teapots, and all manner of other crazy Gong things, could not resist presenting this concert on the Beehive !

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Anonymous said…
Oh, after downloading I noticed I had this one already. Thanks anyway and a little extra info from the other source: Bill Bruford plays drums.
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Great to see/hear this, thanks!
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Thanks Man this stuff is hard to find
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Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t3cwccdbo3bgzc1/BCGN74-0615.7z

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