Beehive Recommends - Darla Farmer

I am told that Darla Farmer "arose from the kind of disenchantment one can only experience when living in the musical mold known as Nashville. This septet is a rousing douse of musical Discordia, who makes it their goal to sonically please, displease, and please again.

Inspired by Tom Waits, The Blood Brothers, Man Man and other musical outfits alike, their arrangements include guitar, bass, drums and vocals, topped with a blasting horn section, piano and violin. Using this instrumentation to their advantage, Darla Farmer is simultaneously tumultuous and triumphant; chaotic and organized"

Well having listened to them live I would have to say that's a fairly accurate summary of the whole thing, and to add my own opinion, they are best listened to fully awake otherwise you might miss something !


'The Strangler Fig' & 'The Quotient' (both live).

MP3's: HERE.

Website: MySpace

Buy: Rewiring The Electric Forest

Darla Farmer’s first full-length album, “Rewiring the Electric Forest,” (2008 Paper Garden Records) creates a musical mattress made of rock and roll springs, pop comfort, and seedy industrial firmness accentuated by a pillow of psychedelic cerebral focus. Their music leads the listener to a bedding of insightful melody, but not without the necessary turmoil to keep you up at night.