Beehive Recommends - Daisy McCrackin

We are reliably informed that Daisy McCrackin was born in San Francisco and now lives in Los Angeles.

So what else can I add, well having read her bio on MySpace her original move to LA was to develop an acting career, with some notable Hollywood credits to her name including 3000 Miles To Graceland (with Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner.) She also had the honor of being one of Michael Myers teen victims in a Halloween sequel from 2002 (no wonder she switched over to a music career), however clearly her artistic yearnings eventually led her away from LA for a while as she slowly developed her song writing and guitar skills.

Having listened to her debut release 'Rodeo Grounds' I have to say there is something special about Daisy and her music. I would imagine she will appeal to both folk and indie fans alike, the comparisons are there (from Joni Mitchell to Beth Orton) however she has a unique and very intimate style that has a personal and charming edge.

'tell her'

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Her bio goes on: Back in Los Angeles, Daisy moved to the fabled Rodeo Grounds arts collective in Topanga Canyon, where she bathed in the deep and salty waters of authentic expression daily. Inspired by the eclectic community of artists living by the beach, serving as a muse and creating by the moment, Daisy took up painting, and continued to labor at the guitar. Immersed in a supportive environment that encouraged her artistic exploration, Daisy wrote songs and improvised instant ballads ‘round the famed campfire, holding her fellow creatives captive while dazzling them with hilarious impromptu outpourings of quirky lyrics, sung to sweet, simple melodies. Still too shy to share her “serious” songs, Daisy stuck to modeling by day, and making her cohorts laugh by night. Finally, after an intense song-writing jag Daisy sang a somber, personal song to a close friend who advised her to quit her day job and dedicate herself full-time to music. She played her first live show in 2006, and was dubbed “an instant rock star” in an LA Weekly review, which reported that Daisy “stole the show.”


Anonymous said…
Hurrah for Daisy! Love the songs, keep em coming!
Anonymous said…
I love this girl! As one fan said on Itunes : Refreshing, just buy it!!!
lars said…
just listened to Tell her, awesome. Thanks.