2010FM - January Magazine Three

We start off our third round up of new and nearly new music for January with the superb Swedish indie band Sambassadeur.

With two albums behind them, the indie pop artists have transformed their sound with the third album European (Due out Feb 23rd on Labrador Records).

Receiving a considerable amount of praise in the past through their 'DIY' approach, Sambassadeur are able to express further growth on their latest release. With the help of producer Mattias Glavå, European maintains the bands personal style, with the addition of a classic and orchestrated sound.

OK regulars to Beehive Candy know our of love for the Swedish music scene and in our opinion these folk are another fine example of why we get rather carried away as soon as you mention Sweden & music in the same breath.


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Since forming in 2003, Sambassadeur was one of the home recording artists that led to an explosive Swedish pop movement. As the years passed, Sambassadeur furthered their success through their second album Migration, leading to touring internationally. The quartet awed audiences throughout various countries including Spain, the UK, Austria, Germany, and Denmark, with offers continuing to come. Sambassadeur’s sound has evolved with each release, while their older recordings had a more aggressive sound, reminiscent of Jesus and Mary Chain, their music now conjures reminders of bands like Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian. European is the album that demonstrates the true talent of Sambassadeur. The foursome, along with the addition of a string quartet, three drummers, a saxophone player, clarinetist, and more, has created a unique style that will be sure to gain fans of all music tastes across the world.

From Dundee, Scotland, The Law have received considerable attention and recognition in the UK and are about to take their anthemic rock to the USA.

The young quartet delivers triumphant melodies with aggressive arena-scale rock that brings to mind a concoction of Queens of the Stone Age, The Libertines, and the White Stripes. The Law’s strong debut album, A Measure Of Wealth, was recorded at Sawmills Studios (the birthplace of Oasis’ Definitely Maybe) with producer Stan Kybert (Paul Weller, Massive Attack), and released in the United Kingdom last year on the band’s very own label Local Boy Records. A Measure Of Wealth will be released in North America in May, 2010.

'Don't Stop, Believe'

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The Law’s subversive anthems and hot-blooded performances have assaulted the UK press and commanded widespread support from XFM and BBC Music. Edith Bowman of BBC Radio 1 hails The Law as “Incredible, good rock n roll”, while NME proclaims that “The Law are Dundee’s new hope”.

Finally and in keeping with Beehive Candy's obsession with different musical styles, genres, or whatever (provided we like it), we have My Son The Hurricane.

The promo said: With their roots deeply planted in the big brass sounds of New Orleans, and an indie spirit that refuses to be pigeonholed or defined, Ontario’s My Son The Hurricane is ready to hit the road with their own original 11-piece take on brass, and a debut album that will blow away your pre-conceived notions of the genre.

Combining catchy horn lines and a thumping, driving bass with uniquely phrased, hip-hop inspired vocals that drive the album, My Son The Hurricane will appeal to Hip-Hop and Indie fans alike, while paying homage to the big brass bands that came before them.

Well that was enough to gain our attention and as we are in a cut and paste mood they also added: Celebratory and fun, but balanced by well thought-out, solid musicianship, CHECK THE BAROMETER is party music at its best. With strongly crafted grooves and driving vocals unifying the album, My Son the Hurricane’s debut release is a piece of art that works best when listened to from start to finish.

A perfect introduction to the band and to their unique approach to brass, listeners will not want to miss them in a live setting. Transformed by the audience and by the energy in the room, My Son The Hurricane puts on a live show that will captivate and excite, and always leave you wanting more. With tour dates in Ontario scheduled throughout April, don’t miss your chan
ce to see how this band works live, pushing the envelope a bit more with each performance.

As it happens, having given this a play through, I fear my car stereo will be booming out some eleven piece brass arrangements real soon.

'Glass Joe'

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