XTC - Live In Belgium 1982.

This is a show from the final XTC tour (this concert was broadcast on FM radio), from a gig at L'Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium, back on the 7th March 1982.

The last major hit of XTC's touring phase was "Senses Working Overtime," the first single from their double album English Settlement and a top 10 hit in 1982.

At the peak of their popularity, the band embarked on a major tour, but Andy Partridge suffered a mental breakdown on stage during one of the first concerts of the tour in Paris on March 18th, 1982. The European and British dates were cancelled and after completing only one show in San Diego the whole US leg was also abandoned.

Source: FM Broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps.

Genre: New Wave, alternative rock, psychedelic Rock.

Set: Full Set.

Set List:

2.Jason And The Argonauts.
4.Ball And Chain.
5.Senses Working Overtime.
6.All Along The Watchtower.
7.Towers Of London.
8.Making Plans For Nigel.
9.Living Through Another Cuba / Generals And Majors.
10.Real By Reel.

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From Wikipedia: XTC's Andy Partridge's breakdown, which manifested itself as uncontrollable stage fright, was reportedly precipitated by his wife throwing away his supply of Valium. According to the band's biography, Andy had become dependent upon the drug after it was prescribed to him as a teenager during his parents' divorce. He reportedly was never withdrawn from the drug and became dependent on it. Concerned about her husband's dependence on the drug, Partridge's wife threw his tablets away — without seeking medical advice — just before the Paris concert.

Andy Partridge particularly needed the medication to cope with the grinding monotony of concert touring, which he had always hated, but had endured for the good of the band. As a result, when deprived of the medication Partridge suffered anxiety attacks of such severity whilst touring that he was soon forced to withdraw permanently. Since then, XTC have been exclusively a studio band, although they have given occasional live-to-air performances from radio stations, and have made a handful of TV appearances as well. (XTC ceased in 2005, however expanded CD reissues are planned for this year).

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Anonymous said…
This is a nice, fun show from their last touring year--with interesting extreme stereo separation so it is very easy to hear who is singing what! Definitely not as crazed and punkily fast paced as their earlier shows, but still a good set.
Anonymous said…
very good!!! great great great
more 80's
Anonymous said…
Many thanks!
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for this very good show. Really appreciated !!

規格 said…
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Beehive Candy said…
Reloaded Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sd73v6mxdd82dhw/PAXTCB82-0815.7z

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August 2015.
Anonymous said…
I've heard many XTC live recordings and I think this performance is better than any other one. Even better than the 'BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert' album.
Cuba & Generals/Mayors...ohh man just listen what happens!
If the original recording would be used for an album I would surely buy the album.