Beehive Candy - Back Pretty Soon (We Hope).

Beehive Candy would like to offer our apology for everything, but we reckon a lot of the worlds problems are not specifically down to us.

We are however clearly 'missing in action' at present. It is our hope and intention to be back in action sometime in March. We plan to respond to all requests for missing rarities to be re-uploaded where appropriate.

Thank you to all the artists and their representatives who continue to send us many hours of new music. We will listen to all submissions, we intend to feature everything we enjoy.

We are currently relocating, suffering a shortage of helping hands and having to focus on boring stuff like earning money. Our passion for Beehive Candy remains, our ideas for making it even bigger are growing by the week, our ability to deliver is stretched to the limit, so please be patient and pop back soon, we look forward to your continued support.

Beehive Candy


Anonymous said…
Good Luck with everything you're doing. I hope you keep Beehive Candy going. It's a stop-over for me every night! ^v^

Anonymous said…
Thanks for all of your efforts. Hope to see you back soon.