Be Good Tanyas - Toronto, Canada 2002

RE-POSTED JANUARY 2013 - This is the fabulous Be Good Tanyas live at the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, Canada back on the 11th April 2002.

Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Be Good Tanyas first played together at tree planting camps in the Kootenays region of British Columbia. They eventually played their first concerts in Vancouver in the late 1990s. They got their name from a song by music pioneer Obo Martin ("Be Good Tanya").

After the release of the first two (of three) Be Good Tanyas albums, Trish Klein collaborated with Alison Russell under the band name Po' Girl, a project that as of April 2007 has resulted in three albums (Po'girl, Vagabond Lullabies, and Home to You). Also 2007 saw all members of the band pursuing their own projects. As of 2008, the band was on hiatus to unwind from the stresses of touring. This now appears to be a permanent split. Frazey Ford released her debut solo album, Obadiah, this year (2010). So lets hope that in time they change their minds and get back together, however check out any solo projects as each band member has incredible talent and hopefully alot more great music to share with us. 

Source: Soundboard.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@256kbps. 

Genre: Folk, Country, Bluegrass

Set: Full Concert

Set List:

01  Horses
02  Only In The Past
03  Don’t You Fall
04  In My Time Of Dying
05  Reuben
06  Broken Telephone
07  It’s Not Happening
08  The Coo Coo Bird
09  Dog Song
10  Up Against The Wall
11  Cold Rain And Snow
12  The Littlest Birds
13  Sleep Dog Lullaby
14  In Spite Of All The Damage
15  Waiting Around To Die
16  Light Enough To Travel
17  Why Don’t You Do Right
18  Mary Don’t You Weep

Band Line Up:

Sam (Samantha) Parton, Frazey Ford, and Trish Klein.

Website: Official HERE. 


Despite a few problems during the concert with sound in the monitors (which does not effect the soundboard recording) this is an excellent and quite intimate performance by the band.

New download link (January 2013) in comments.


Beehive Candy said…
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Peter said…
thanks. looking forward to this.
Anonymous said…
thank you. BGTs have been on my "must check out" list for years. Now's my chance. (I love the Eilen Jewell Band, who everyone compares to BGTs)
Anonymous said…
ive had this for a few years it is stunning when it came to me it had erin mckeown opening set as well.the erin mentioned around light enough to travel(i think haent listened in years) will now go and see if its on h/drive if not im all over this many thanks pd daze
Anonymous said…
Wow! Great, thanks
Anonymous said…
thank you so alot
I had an almost complete torrent of this but this is way better.
am so happy
eoghan said…

I know I am more than a little late on this but any chance of a re-up from someone out there? Been searching the net for hours and I am finally resorting to a request! The mediafire link is dead everywhere, and there is also a dead rapishare link which describes itself as 'very low bitrate'- even that one would be much appreciated!


Beehive Candy said…
Re-uploaded January 2013.




Beehive Candy (Stealth project).
I regularly check Beehive Candy. there is no recent posts from you since a while. please resume updating. xo
- Vinnie
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
This is incredible. Thanks for your efforts folks. I appreciate it.