WARNING! Beehive Candy Pulse Detected.

Following an enormous sleep, it would appear that Beehive Candy has started to wake.

This could be a good thing, or this might be a dangerous set of circumstances. There may be life in the old dog yet, and reports of our demise may well be premature.

Planet Earth may be in a bad way, it's occupants happily marching off to oblivion, therefore a little light entertainment may ease the pain.

As it has taken this long to think about doing Beehive Candy again, may we suggest you check out the real meaning of life whilst we get our act together, that said something may well be stirring in the depths, let's hope it ain't the Kraken.

With a few new ideas knocking about, a mountain of new music arriving weekly and, some surprisingly decent music and songs hidden amongst the inevitable pile of  'can I be rich and famous' well no, not really material, Beehive Candy has cause to think, shall we, well shall we?

The message then is don't hold your breath quite yet, thanks for all the support and messages received in our inbox, and please above all else to some music promoters, stop pretending you have just visited Beehive Candy & love it, when we have been AWOL for two years, that said to all the others thanks for your past support, lets see what we can do for music fans, well lets see anyway...


Anonymous said…
Sounds interesting! I have checked this site every night since the posts stopped back in '13 as I make my rounds through all my favorite music sites. ^v^

23rdDjin said…
well, you did say "It is our hope and intention to be back in action sometime in March" and it's mid-april... so, technically, you're only 2 weeks late.
Anonymous said…
surprised and delighted to see you back.... nice Wyndham cover, wish he had written more. I don't have a panacea for the problems of the world, but I am having a rummage sale of anything I have stored for 6 or more years so that I can fund the baking of gluten-free not glutton-free free cookies that I will give to the homeless and to anyone else that might want a cookie at 7:30 every Friday morning until I can't afford it any longer.


cream 1Cup butter, sift together 1 Cup brown cane sugar and 1 Cup white cane sugar plus 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp baking soda, then slowly add to the butter, beat in 2 eggs, 1+ tsp vanilla extract. Put away the mixer and using a spoon, stir in one and a half to two cups ground almonds(use food processor) (from here on the recipe is by sight not amounts)
Add unsweetened dried coconut, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, yellow raisins, and rice crispies, when the batter gets too stiff start mixing in whipping cream until a good consistency. Use quarter to half teaspoonfuls of batter (I use Silpat baking sheets) bake at 350 degrees about 10-12 minutes. let them cool slightly before taking off sheet. These things spread. This will make a lot of cookies that are delicious and healthy.
I give everyone 3 cookiies...it is a big enough number that one could share. This, to me, is an example of " The Golden Rule."

looking forward to things getting better,
Anonymous said…
Didn't you threaten to come back in 2013??
Beehive Candy said…
OK, I guess the comments section may be the best place to explain things in a bit more detail, as this is after all a music blog and not my personal diary.

If you read the post in Feb 2013 you will see that I had hoped only to stop running this site for a couple of months or so. Unfortunately back then I had recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness, was self employed and unable to work much for some months and was rapidly going financially bust, and in need of moving to a healthier climate.

Two years on and I still have a chronic (rest of life) illness, however I am thankfully (and I mean thankfully) on top of things money wise and living somewhere more suitable health wise.

So music has been way down the list of priorities for my family and me, that said I still love it!

So as and when I can, I will happily share what's new and in my opinion is worth checking out for the many who still come to this place. It's no big deal and if I can I will try and re-up some of the most demanded boot's that went missing when the big clamp down on music blogger's happened in 2012.

Take care after all 'it's only rock'n'roll

Beehive Candy
Anonymous said…

Really sorry to hear about the illness and money worries, being self employed can be a very hand to mouth existence. It is great you are back and posting, long may it continue. Also hope that you are able to recover 100% from the illness and it not rule your life.

Want to wish you all the best for now and the future.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for all that you do for so many of us out here. Glad you are feeling somewhat better.