Another Sundays Alternative Take

Jade The Moon tell us - 5 6 7 8 was written in a two hour session with no preconceived ideas about where the session would go. We had a lot of fun with creating this. I started dancing around the kitchen pretending to be a ballet dancer, singing 5 6 7 8 at the top of my lungs, which eventually became the backbone of the song. The remaining lyrical content can be difficult to hear, but on closer listen you can hear that there is an honest search for something tangible and real. Whether it's a search for love, happiness or just an escape from the everyday we found it for a brief moment.

We say, looking forward to your debut EP this summer, on the strength of this, it's one to watch out for.


Next up we have Alma and her debut EP Dark Matter. The description goes - A self-titled experimental project with producer Virtu, the songs soar with cinematic influence. She first came to the scene with "Avalanches," co-produced by Sound Remedy & Kill Paris.

Alma has a beautiful voice that can smoothly flow across the unobtrusive and yet occasionally powerful and dreamy musical accompaniment. She can also belt out some spine chillingly high notes.


And so to Woodes x Elkkle. They are described as follows - their panache for painting vivid soundscapes has led them to delve deeper into their delicately lush world to create their second single, Cocoon.  With the perfect measure of tender swooning to lull you in, coupled with compellingly quirky percussion and sparse instrumentation, Cocoon dabbles in mystic realms, which will leave you with a premonition of what’s to come on their forthcoming EP.

Well that saves us from having to come up with any poetic prose. Much easier just to direct your attention to this delightful track, both the vocals and intricate sounds are pretty special, it has that 'play me again thing going'.

Finally we have POPOF (nee Alexandre Paounov), - Featuring the handsome voice of Arno Joey, "Words Gone" is a stunning slice of electronic music with crossover appeal, giving us a taste of what is in store for the album. Cadenza boss Luciano’s remix dives into tribal percussion, while main man Jamie Jones flips into a new gear, introducing a new melody, deep pads and emotive keys.

POPOF's forthcoming album Love Somebody out on June 29. A long standing and influential name in dance music, this Jamie Jones remix has already garnered considerable attention. We would add quite rightly so, it's why non dancers like me can still enjoy a little bit of deep house (behind closed curtains of course)...