PJ Harvey - Live in New York - 2007

Reloaded - 06/June/2015 - PJ Harvey's ninth studio album recorded with a studio audience in January is eagerly awaited. Word is that the material is similar in style to the fantastic 'Let England Shake' album, however the lyrics have a more global nature. This featured and probable audience recording (excellent quality) from 2007 is another reminder of how much I simply love her music. Polly Jean has truly earned the respect she has, always surprising, fascinating and always herself.

Some artists can fall into a 'love them' or 'do not love them' category quite comfortably. PJ Harvey has plenty of people who readily claim to love her music. There are probably plenty of music fans that would also say, 'hmmm'.

However I would wage a bet that there are a lot of music lovers out there, who having heard her music wander off thinking 'interesting' and find themselves coming back again and again to hear some more. I am fascinated by PJ Harvey, there is something about some of her songs, that hits home, and yet can I put it in simple terms? Wikipedia lists her genres as - Alternative rock, indie rock, experimental rock, lo-fi, folk rock, electronica, art rock, and punk blues.

Legendary British radio DJ John Peel featured her on a number of occasions in session, on his late night radio programme, sadly he is no longer with us, to perhaps get things in context. Anyhow enough of my personal musical conundrum, this is from the Beacon Theatre show (on Broadway - upper Manhattan New York), and is from her current tour, recorded on the 10th October 2007.

Set List:

01 To bring you my love
02 Send his love to me
03 When under ether
04 The devil
05 White chalk
06 Man-size
07 Angelene/My beautiful leah
08 Nina in ecstasy
09 Electric light
10 Snake
11 Shame
12 Big exit
13 Down by the water
14 Grow grow grow
15 The mountain
16 Silence
17 Rid of me
18 Water
19 The piano
20 The desperate kingdom of love

Sound quality: Very good - the audience audio suggests this is an excellent audience recording, I could be wrong.

Website: PJ Harvey.

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Unknown said…
My daughter is going to LOVE this! Thanks very much!
Anonymous said…
I also find PJH fascinating, interesting, but I'm not always in the mood that I find her enjoyable.

Anonymous said…
Thanks Mike. I've got her debut album but never bothered following up on any of her work since. Maybe this will show me I've been missing something. Martin from Canada.
Anonymous said…
Nice photo of her.
Anonymous said…
In that diatribe about how you either feel this way about her or you don't, you forgot to mention those of us who loved her early work, but watched her decline over the years and now put her in the same camp as Liz Phair & Sheryl Crow as chicks who used to rock, but sold out. She does look better now though.
Anonymous said…
So the anonymous male above claims her work has declined or she has sold out. Well not to these ears she hasn't. The fact that you ever thought Sheryl Crow or Liz Phair rocked shows you know nothing.
Beehive Candy said…
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/79rgnq9r0brrxmx/BCPJH07-0615.7z

Password: bigreup15-065#

Reloaded - 06/June/2015

Beehive Candy