Quality Not Quantity - Good For Your Ears

The Talks are embarking on an extensive UK tour punctuated by European festival appearances, full details & website - Here.

In just a short space of time The Talks have built themselves a compelling live reputation across the UK and Europe for delivering sweaty, high octane, dance floor filling shows, treading the boards with the likes of Madness, The Specials, Rancid, The Beat and many more. 'Commoners, Peers, Drunks and Thieves' was released on 24th November 2014, sale figures continue to rise and the tracks are continuing to attract air-play globally.

They really do have that Ska feel, reminiscent of the Two Tone sound and yet with their own styling and passion. From Hull, England, they are most definitely worth checking out.


OK read this carefully, we will be asking questions and this is a fail/pass feature! Davey Lane's new single, intriguingly titled "Davey Lane's Duo-Monophonic Explorations Vol.1", is his first in a line of releases for 2015, and a conceptual world first. The double A-side single contains I'll Set U Free, a collaboration with King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard singer Stu Mackenzie, and The First Flung One To Crash, teaming up with Lane’s You Am I band mate Tim Rogers.

Contained within each track of this digital and limited-edition vinyl release, are 3 completely different versions of each song. Listened to in stereo, you hear the collaborative efforts of Lane and his esteemed guests. But with the balance panned to the left, a solo Davey Lane version of the song is revealed, and in turn, panned to the right, you hear Rogers' or Mackenzie's, both in mono (hence "Duo-Monophonic"). Completely independent from each other instrumentally and vocally, yet a cohesive match when played together - a world first in this form.

Now I had to read that a couple of times but that's probably just me, however I was intrigued as to how this might all work out. Actually if all of that had not been explained I would probably be none the wiser, what makes this far more than an interesting exercise is the quality of the music, which is good, the featured track reminds me in part of The Beatles, now that has to be a complement.


Swedish indie-band The Black Sun's Darling have released a new single 'Our love falls out of'. After the Swedish duo was formed in 2014, Julia & Sebastian started recording music in their living-room. Earlier this spring the band released two singles  "This One's for You" and "Believe In" . The new single "Our love falls out of" is about falling out of love without being able to do anything about it. Their website Here.

'Our love falls out of' has a brooding and emotional feel, which then kicks into life keeping the whole song absorbing. They have also just produced a video for another song - 'This One's For You' which demonstrates the depth and diversity the band have, I like!


New Zealand band New Gum Sarn have announced a new album 'New Gold Mountain' and tour dates. We are told - New Gold Mountain has just as much to do with the countryside around Puhoi in New Zealand than Auckland, where the band New Gum Sarn formed.

“The (debut) album was recorded where I grew up in a valley in the countryside,” says singer/guitarist Oscar Dowling. “The closest town is Puhoi which is a 15 minute drive along a dirt road. It’s a historic bohemian village, famous for cheese and the puhoi pub. The first time my dad went to the pub the barkeep told him to ‘get f##### hippie’.”

New Gum Sarm also features Sophia Lawler-Dormer on drums, Dave Weir on bass, and Durham Fenwick on guitar (who co-founded the band with Dowling).

The band claim inspiration from the band Television through to Neil Young and others including the East Brunswick All Girls Choir. Whatever the inspiration, there is something quite 'stand out' in the featured track 'Money Talks', more than enough for us to want to feature it.


Hippo Campus have a considerable amount of 'buzz' going on around them at the moment here's some background - They met in High School and are still yet to hit legal drinking age but following an explosive SXSW - which marked their first shows outside their native town - they released their debut EP ‘Bashful Creatures’ (produced by Low’s Alan Sparhawk). 

The buzz around the band at the Austin music festival was also noticed by the producers of Conan O’Brien’s television show who booked them to perform single ‘Suicide Saturday’ at the soonest opportunity. 

Having just completed their first tour of the US and UK they return for their first UK headline show and a run of dates with Modest Mouse, and also to play at Reading & Leeds festival. In the US Hippo Campus have been confirmed to support Real Estate and My Morning Jacket on their forthcoming tours.

Oh it would be so easy to snub these young upstarts, grumpy old blogger and all that, but the song is annoyingly good, really annoyingly good, so enjoy the buzz but above all enjoy the music!