Sundays Minimalist Alternative Take

Paul Mac "Anechoic [Everybody's Singing]" (feat. Tim Derricourt) - Love Club vs Stereogamous.

I tried a little experiment. I had an idea for a song called 'Anechoic'. I was looking for a collaborator to bounce ideas off. One of my favourite whimsical vocalists is Tim Derricourt (Dappled Cities). We workshopped the concept and came up with a kind of choir of lovers leaving planet Earth, singing in space where no-one can hear you, but it feels good. Letting go and drifting into the unknown. Or something like that! It made sense at the time.

Dark and light, broody and moody and upbeat all rolled into one. Official website (here).


Hardkiss - Revolution (Hardkiss Remixes)

The new Hardkiss single Revolution is a calling to arms to citizens who are tired and sick of the apathy and complacency in our collective hearts. There's so much at stake now. We need to rise above the profane and blasé. Fight your own personal revolution. Go to war with the mundane. Welcome to the revolution!

In the 1990's Hardkiss were a defining force in the infiltration of dance music in the USA. At a time when the mainstream were spellbound by Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Hardkiss were a breath of fresh air. Their vinyl releases and DJ sets lifted the spirits and opened the doors to a shift in taste and attitude.  Referenced in hush tones by Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers and Sasha, Hardkiss were the early revolutionaries of DJ culture and EDM.

I took the Robbie Hardkiss Mix one of four on this single, lively and fresh each mix is as distinct as you would expect, quality stuff. Facebook (here).


True Science - Pedestal

Perth indie-electronic act True Science lift the bar with their latest single Pedestal. The result of a recent trip to Los Angeles with funding thanks to the Department of Culture and the Arts in WA, and by invitation from Songs Publishing (Lorde, M83), the recording process saw the band work alongside some of the best in the business. Lead singer Vive Oldham recorded the vocals with renowned voice producer Suzy Shinn, while the music was produced by LA based Patrick Giles. It was then mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark in NSW.

Pedestal follows True Science’s previous single Soldier further into the world of electronic music, taking inspiration from the experimental chillwave and trip hop of Odesza, Flume and FKA Twigs.
A combination of award winning songwriters and the big voice of Vive Oldham out front, indie-electronic outfit True Science is a collection of scientific minds putting music under the microscope.

Indie - electronic music, transformed by excellent vocals and the music balancing the whole thing, it may be scientific but it has soul. Facebook (here).


Tribe Society - Pain Told Love (feat. Kiesza)

A brand new collaboration from pop starlet Kiesza and her Lokal Legend labelmates Tribe Society on single "Pain Told Love." "The Kiesza collaboration was totally unplanned. We were all coincidentally in an apartment together for the first time and she had 30 minutes before having get to the airport and fly to England. She had heard a demo of our song “Pain Told Love” and pointed out that she really liked it. She was humming the melody and wee all thought it sounded great. Rami, the mutual connection between both of us said, why don’t you get in the booth and sing down a verse? She nailed it in less than 20 minutes and that was a wrap!"

Atmospheric, beautiful and dreamy, a perfect match.


Translational Drifts: Moogfest Vol. 1

“Translational Drifts: Moogfest Vol. 1,” is the first EP in a series of free digital recordings that feature contemporary acts reinterpreting seminal electronic music influencers that have shaped past Moogfest line ups. This digital free EP comes in celebration of this week’s Moogfest ‘Save The Date’ announcement in its new location Durham NC. The three-day event will run from May 19-22, 2016. We'd love if you can share this EP with your readers along with the Date for Moogfest 2016.

You have just got to listen to these, it's as simple as that - incredible and free, what a gift!